Star Wars upcoming games project: All Games Name, expected release dates, titles and more

3 months ago By Ronny Walker

With the hangover of the good taste in the mouth left by LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. A complete sales success in the middle of 2022, fans of the universe of action for the far from the galaxy and special battles imagined by George Lucas face a horizon that could hardly be better. With several of the fittest and most promising studios in the video game industry working on different ideas for the franchise. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was the great protagonist of 2023, but there are more titles on the way, and one scheduled for 2024 that has us in love.

The last one to want to play with Jedis, Sith and other characters from the saga is an old acquaintance of hers, Amy Hennig, who after a failed first project with Star Wars in the company of the extinct Visceral Games returns to the fray, this time with her studio, Skydance New Media.

Many details have not yet been released, but the Uncharted screenwriter is very clear about her passion for this universe and hopes to demonstrate it with her work. Its development will join that of other teams in the sector as a remake of KOTOR or an action-adventure in the open world of Ubisoft Massive, presented during the non-E3 2023 that we cannot stop talking about given the level of ambition of what is shown, Star Wars Outlaws. Of course, we live in a new golden age for Star Wars.

Star Wars all updates

We barely have details of most of these projects, some seem to still take several years to reach stores, but after all those years with hardly any quality Star Wars games, with cancellations and failed projects like Star Wars: 1313 of which we spoke recently, this new era is exciting. Below we tell you the eight Star Wars games announced to date.

Star Wars KOTOR Remake

Considered not only one of the best Star Wars video games but also one of the great RPGs of all time, the KOTOR remake is another exciting project with hardly any details. The story lineup was developed by the team at Aspyr Media, known for adapting classic games to current platforms, and promised to be “faithful to the original but unafraid of change”.  However, the production changed hands and is now taken care of by Saber Interactive.

Star Wars Eclipse

The authors of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human delve into the Star Wars universe with a project that still seems distant, very distant, but with which it is difficult not to get excited: a narrative action-adventure set in the times of the High Republic. The Jedi are legion, but they have countless enemies. The Quantic Dream game promises a great story with decisions and multiple protagonists.

Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws is an open-world action-adventure video game that challenges us to become the most wanted outlaw in the galaxy. From the authors of The Division, Star Wars Outlaws invites players to experience the Star Wars galaxy like never before, in an original story set between Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

A fast-paced open world, in which action prevails, exploration and in which there will be no lack of shootings, chases and space battles. Using the latest visual technology from the Snowdrop graphics engine, Ubisoft says it will be “an original Star Wars adventure, unlike anything that’s been done before.”

Star Wars: Hunters

Looking at Nintendo Switch and mobile phones we find Star Wars: Hunters, a proposal for a more multiplayer cut where intrepid bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion and imperial stormtroopers have to compete against each other in a team of four players. With Zynga behind it and a casual graphic section, Hunters can be a good gateway for new players.

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Star Wars (Bit Reactor)

The name of the team in charge may not tell you much. They opened their doors in 2022. But behind it is a study made up of former Firaxis employees, creators of various strategy proposals such as XCOM. Not much is known about a project overseen by Respawn, but the studio’s heads have already made their ambition clear: they want to create something GOTY-eligible.

Star Wars FPS (Respawn)

Leading this Star Wars FPS is the executive producer of the classic Star Wars Battlefront. Does this mean that we are talking about Battlefront 3? Nothing is further from reality. Respawn is silent for now, so there are plenty of other options on the horizon: a Republic Commando-style tactical FPS? An action game like Titanfall? We will have to be patient with this game.

Star Wars by Amy Hennig

We close with Amy Hennig. The Uncharted screenwriter has already tried to work with the Lucasfilm saga in the past, but after her failed experience with Visceral Games and EA, she returns to the fray on her behalf, guaranteeing a richly cinematographic action and adventure title that will narrate an original story. Hennig is also joined by the talent of Dominic Robilliard, who already participated in the development of the promising (albeit ill-fated), Star Wars 1313. There is not much more to tell, but the promise of having a fervent follower of the Star Wars universe behind its development.

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