Skyesports Masters CS GO Roster: Players Name, Key Characters And More

11 months ago By AI Smith

The highly anticipated Skyesports Masters, India’s first-ever franchised esports league, has kicked off with eight franchise teams ready to battle it out for supremacy. 

With a double round-robin format and LAN playoffs on the line, spectators can expect an exhilarating showcase of tactical prowess and skill as these teams clash on the virtual battlefield. This tournament represents a significant milestone for the Indian gaming industry, highlighting its rapid growth and immense potential.

Skyesports Masters CS:GO: The League Stage 

The Skyesports Masters tournament features a League Stage that will run from July 8 to August 17. During this stage, the eight franchised teams will compete against each other in an intense double round-robin format. 

The top four teams from the League Stage will advance to the Playoffs, where they will battle it out for the coveted title and a share of the impressive Rs. 2,00,00,000 prize pool. This extended period of competition provides ample opportunity for teams to showcase their skills and strategies.

Skyesports Masters CS:GO: Participating Teams 

The Skyesports Masters has attracted some of the most talented and competitive teams in the region. The participating teams are:

  • Marcos Gaming
  • Gods Reign
  • Enigma Gaming
  • Medal Esports
  • Reckoning Esports
  • 7Sea Esports
  • Revenant Esports
  • Velocity Gaming

CS:GO Rosters and Key Players: Team-wise

Marcos Gaming

Marcos Gaming unveiled their CS:GO roster featuring the following players:

  • Ritesh ‘DEFAULTER’ Sarda
  • Hamid ‘GHOST’ Chaudhary
  • Shuvajyoti ‘Mcg!LLzZz’ Chakraborty
  • Dibyalok ‘ZEROCOOL’ Goswami
  • Sadanand ‘R!der’ Dey
  • Sagnik ‘DOPPLERM ‘ Roy

Gods Reign

The Gods Reign CS:GO roster includes talented players such as:

  • Anshul “KiiLSwitCh” Adarkar
  • Hrishikesh “Crazy_Gamer” Shenoy
  • Piyush “Clouda” Kalwania
  • Akash “Ph1NN” Bose
  • Parijaat “Rev3nn” Banerjee

Revenant Esports

Revenant Esports’ CS:GO roster is a mix of international players and Indian talent:

  • Maclane “gump” Cross (Australia)
  • Harsh “F1redup” Jain
  • Jaspreet “SpawN” Singh
  • Sadab “SKwow” Khan
  • Muhammad-Ridzuan “3nable” Hazi (Malaysia)

Enigma Gaming

Enigma Gaming’s CS:GO roster features a blend of Indian and Australian players:

  • Rohitkumar “Vel0city” Kshirsagar
  • James “Roflko” Lytras
  • Will “yourwombat” Allchin
  • Harish “HattygOD” Ali
  • Harshvardhan “Nox” Nangare

Medal Esports

Medal Esports’ CS:GO roster consists of both Indian and international players:

  • Iman “cara” Jeffery (Malaysia)
  • Antonio “TonyPOPONY” Matuco (Philippines)
  • Sharan “Busterrr” Dave
  • Kiran “Rossi” R
  • Aman “SH4DY” Virani

Reckoning Esports

The CS:GO roster for Reckoning Esports are:

  • Surajs
  • Champp
  • Temper
  • GhostXD
  • Catastrophe

7Sea Esports

The 7Sea Esports CS:GO lineup includes:

  • Yash “Benzene” Kumar Singh
  • Vishvesh “CycloneF” Bhavesh “Bhavi” Sejwani
  • Prateek “DiceDealer” Saini
  • Elvis “ELV1S” Eric Soans

Velocity Gaming

Velocity Gaming’s CS:GO roster consists of both international and Indian players:

  • Dipayan “MaChOleleR” Das
  • Tamajit “Logan” Ghosal
  • Keven “KevinR” Ross Russel (USA)
  • Muhammad “Syahhftw” Shyarul Daneal Bin Arif (Malaysia)
  • Thomas “TAV” Kurian
  • Nairit “L0sttt” Banerjee
  • Bodhisattwa “The_Guru” Panday

Skyesports Masters CS:GO: League Stage Full Schedule

DateTeamsGame Time
8th JulyREVENANT Esports vs Godsreign1:30 PM
8th July7sea Esports vs Enigma gaming5:30 PM
9th JulyMedal Esports vs Reckoning esports1:30 PM
9th JulyVelocity Gaming vs Marcos Gaming5:30 PM
11th JulyMedal Esports vs Enigma gaming1:30 PM
12th JulyVelocity Gaming vs Reckoning esports1:30 PM
13th JulyReckoning esports vs Marcos Gaming1:30 PM
14th July7sea Esports vs Medal Esports1:30 PM
15th JulyReckoning esports vs Enigma gaming1:30 PM
15th JulyMarcos Gaming vs 7sea Esports5:30 PM
16th JulyVelocity Gaming vs Enigma gaming1:30 PM
16th JulyEnigma gaming vs Medal Esports5:30 PM
18th JulyMarcos Gaming vs Medal Esports1:30 PM
19th JulyVelocity Gaming vs 7sea Esports1:30 PM
19th JulyGodsreign vs Medal Esports5:30 PM
20th JulyREVENANT Esports vs 7sea Esports1:30 PM
20th JulyMarcos Gaming vs Godsreign5:30 PM
21st JulyMedal Esports vs REVENANT Esports1:30 PM
22nd JulyVelocity Gaming vs Godsreign1:30 PM
22nd JulyReckoning esports vs REVENANT Esports5:30 PM
23rd JulyEnigma gaming vs REVENANT Esports1:30 PM
23rd JulyGodsreign vs Reckoning esports5:30 PM
25th JulyVelocity Gaming vs REVENANT Esports1:30 PM
25th JulyEnigma gaming vs Marcos Gaming5:30 PM
26th JulyVelocity Gaming vs Medal Esports1:30 PM
27th JulyREVENANT Esports vs Marcos Gaming1:30 PM
27th July7sea Esports vs Reckoning esports5:30 PM
28th JulyEnigma gaming vs Godsreign1:30 PM
29th JulyMedal Esports vs Velocity Gaming1:30 PM
29th JulyReckoning esports vs 7sea Esports5:30 PM
30th JulyGodsreign vs Enigma gaming1:30 PM
30th JulyMarcos Gaming vs REVENANT Esports5:30 PM
1st AugustReckoning esports vs Godsreign1:30 PM
1st AugustMarcos Gaming vs Enigma gaming5:30 PM
2nd AugustMedal Esports vs 7sea Esports1:30 PM
3rd AugustREVENANT Esports vs Velocity Gaming1:30 PM
3rd AugustMarcos Gaming vs Reckoning esports5:30 PM
4th AugustREVENANT Esports vs Enigma gaming1:30 PM
5th AugustMedal Esports vs Godsreign1:30 PM
5th August7sea Esports vs Velocity Gaming5:30 PM
6th AugustMedal Esports vs Marcos Gaming1:30 PM
6th AugustREVENANT Esports vs Reckoning esports5:30 PM
8th August7sea Esports vs Godsreign1:30 PM
8th AugustEnigma gaming vs Velocity Gaming5:30 PM
9th AugustREVENANT Esports vs Medal Esports1:30 PM
10th August7sea Esports vs Marcos Gaming1:30 PM
10th AugustEnigma gaming vs Reckoning esports5:30 PM
11th AugustGodsreign vs Velocity Gaming1:30 PM
12th August7sea Esports vs REVENANT Esports1:30 PM
12th AugustMarcos Gaming vs Velocity Gaming5:30 PM
13th AugustGodsreign vs Marcos Gaming1:30 PM
13th AugustReckoning esports vs Velocity Gaming5:30 PM
16th AugustEnigma gaming vs 7sea Esports1:30 PM
16th AugustGodsreign vs REVENANT Esports5:30 PM
17th AugustReckoning esports vs Medal Esports1:30 PM
17th AugustGodsreign vs 7sea Esports5:30 PM

The Skyesports Masters CS:GO tournament promises an action-packed and thrilling display of talent and strategy from some of the best teams in the region. With each franchise team fielding skilled players and key characters, the competition is set to be fierce. 

Fans can look forward to witnessing intense gameplay, innovative strategies, and nail-biting moments as these teams battle it out for the title and a significant prize pool. As the tournament progresses, all eyes will be on these players, as they strive to make their mark and showcase their skills on the grand stage of Skyesports Masters.

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