The Ultimate Cases In CS GO: All You Need To Know

8 months ago By AI Smith

CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) has become synonymous with its vibrant cosmetic system, offering players the chance to collect and showcase a wide variety of weapon skins. Central to this system is the CS GO cases, which contain these sought-after skins.

CS:GO players always anticipate the release of new cases, as it brings the opportunity to obtain rare and coveted skins. These cases can be categorized into three main types: Prime cases, rare cases, and discontinued cases.

In this article, we will delve into the world of CS:GO cases, exploring the different types and their significance within the game.

CS GO Prime Cases

Prime cases are exclusively dropped to players who have Prime Status on their CS:GO accounts. These cases feature the latest and most desirable skins. Some of the current Prime cases are mentioned below. These cases are usually released alongside major updates or Operations, adding excitement to the CS:GO community.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the current Prime cases and the skins they offer:

  • Revolution Case (February 2023): Released earlier this year, the Revolution Case introduced a range of visually stunning skins that quickly gained popularity within the CS:GO community. Players with Prime Status had the chance to unlock rare and eye-catching weapon finishes from this case.
  • Recoil Case (July 2022): The Recoil Case made its debut last year, captivating players with its unique collection of weapon skins. With its distinct aesthetic and intricate designs, this case became a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Dreams & Nightmares Case (January 2022): Released at the beginning of 2022, the Dreams & Nightmares Case offered a blend of captivating and contrasting skins inspired by dreams and nightmares. From vibrant and fantastical designs to dark and haunting finishes, this case provided a diverse range of options for players.
  • Snakebite Case (May 2021): The Snakebite Case slithered its way into the CS:GO scene in 2021, featuring a selection of skins with reptilian-inspired patterns and colors. This case appealed to players seeking a touch of serpentine allure in their weapon collections.
  • Fracture Case (August 2020): The Fracture Case, released in 2020, showcased an array of fractured and shattered designs, adding an element of chaos and intrigue to the available skins. This case offered a mix of bold and intricate finishes that caught the attention of many players.
  • Clutch Case (February 2018): Although released a few years ago, the Clutch Case remains a notable Prime case. It introduced a variety of skins with dynamic patterns and vibrant colors, embodying the intensity and thrill of clutch moments in CS:GO gameplay.

Each Prime case represents a unique opportunity for players to enhance their weapon collections with exclusive and desirable skins. With their limited availability to Prime Status account holders, these cases hold a special allure within the CS:GO community. As new Prime cases are released sporadically, players eagerly anticipate the next wave of stunning designs and coveted finishes to add to their inventory.

CS GO Rare Cases

Rare cases are older cases that still have a chance to drop after games, albeit with significantly lower odds. These cases have become collector’s items due to their age and scarcity.. Some rare cases can command high prices, with certain skins fetching substantial fees on the market. Check the list of rare case.


  • Prisma 2 Case (March 2020)


  • CS20 Case (October 2019)
  • Prisma Case (March 2019)


  • Danger Zone Case (December 2018)
  • Horizon Case (August 2018)


  • Spectrum 2 Case (September 2017)
  • Operation Hydra Case (May 2017)
  • Spectrum Case (March 2017)


  • Glove Case (November 2016)
  • Gamma 2 Case (August 2016)
  • Gamma Case (June 2016)
  • Chroma 3 Case (April 2016)
  • Operation Wildfire Case (February 2016)


  • Revolver Case (December 2015)
  • Shadow Case (September 2015)
  • Falchion Case (May 2015)
  • Chroma 2 Case (April 2015)
  • Chroma Case (January 2015)


  • Operation Vanguard Case (November 2014)
  • Operation Breakout Case (July 2014)
  • Hunstman Case (May 2014)
  • Operation Phoenix Case (February 2014)
  • CS:GO Weapon Case 3 (February 2014)


  • Winter Offensive Case (December 2013)
  • CS:GO Weapon Case 2 (November 2013)
  • Operation Bravo Case (September 2013)
  • CS:GO Weapon Case (August 2013)

CS GO Discontinued Cases

Discontinued cases are no longer dropped in-game but can be purchased through the in-game market. These cases have become valuable collector’s items, sought after by players and collectors alike. 

The Operation Riptide Case, Operation Broken Fang Case, Shattered Web Case, eSports 2014 Summer Case, eSports 2013 Winter Case, and eSports 2013 Case are notable examples of discontinued cases. The scarcity of these cases contributes to their allure, with prices varying depending on demand and rarity.

CS GO Importance and Future Value

CS:GO cases hold significance beyond their cosmetic appeal. For collectors, they represent a form of investment, as the value of rare and discontinued cases can appreciate over time. Owning unopened cases from these categories is akin to possessing a unique artifact. As supply dwindles and interest grows, the value of these cases is likely to increase, especially if they are never reintroduced in any form.

CS GO Case Prices

CS:GO case prices fluctuate in response to market dynamics and demand. Prices can vary from a few cents to several dollars, depending on factors such as case popularity, rarity of skins, and overall demand. 

The prices mentioned here are approximate and subject to change. As the CS:GO market continually evolves, players should keep an eye on current prices to make informed decisions when it comes to trading or purchasing cases.

Lowest Price Range:

  • Snakebite Case: $0.50
  • Prisma 2 Case: $0.80
  • CS20 Case: $0.80
  • Prisma Case: $0.80
  • Danger Zone Case: $0.80
  • Fracture Case: $0.80
  • Dreams & Nightmares Case: $1.50
  • Clutch Case: $1
  • Horizon Case: $1
  • Falchion Case: $1
  • Shadow Case: $1.10
  • Revolver Case: $1.90

Mid Price Range:

  • Glove Case: $6
  • Chroma 3 Case: $2.50
  • Gamma 2 Case: $2.50
  • Chroma 2 Case: $2.50
  • Gamma Case: $2.10
  • Operation Wildfire Case: $2
  • Spectrum 2 Case: $1.60
  • Spectrum Case: $2.30
  • Operation Phoenix Case: $3.20
  • Winter Offensive Case: $7
  • Operation Vanguard Case: $2.50

Higher Price Range:

  • CS:GO Weapon Case 3: $9.50
  • Operation Breakout Case: $7
  • CS:GO Weapon Case 2: $12
  • Hunstman Case: $12
  • Operation Riptide Case: $5
  • Operation Broken Fang Case: $5
  • Shattered Web Case: $5
  • eSports 2013 Winter Case: $10

Highest Price Range:

  • Operation Bravo Case: $80
  • eSports 2013 Case: $50
  • CS:GO Weapon Case: $110
  • Operation Hydra Case: $22

NOTE: Please note that prices may vary over time due to market fluctuations and demand.

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