Phoenix: Eden 17 – Trailer, Release Date, Spoilers, Characters Name, When & Where to Watch

2 months ago By AI Smith

Studio 4°C’s highly anticipated anime adaptation, Phoenix: Eden17, based on Osamu Tezuka’s renowned manga, is set to make its worldwide debut on September 13. The official Twitter account of Studio 4°C recently unveiled exciting details about the cast, staff, and the film version of the series, titled Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower. Let’s dive into the thrilling revelations surrounding this captivating anime.

Cast and Staff Announcements 

The talented cast of Phoenix: Eden17 and Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower has been revealed, featuring Honoka Yoshida as Com, Yosuke Kubozuka as George, Rie Miyazawa as Romi, and Issey Ogata as Sudarban. With their exceptional performances, these actors are sure to bring the characters to life.

Accompanying the stellar cast are noteworthy staff members, including scriptwriters Katsunari Mano and Saku Konohana, color key artist Yūko Egami, sound director Kōji Kasamatsu, and producer Eiko Tanaka. Their collective expertise promises an immersive and visually stunning experience for viewers.

The Visuals 

Studio 4°C treated fans to a tantalizing teaser trailer and a visually captivating promotional image for Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower. These glimpses offer a glimpse into the awe-inspiring animation and artistic brilliance that await audiences.


Phoenix: Eden17 follows the arduous journey of Romi, a woman seeking a fresh start on the planet Eden17 after Earth’s devastation. However, to her dismay, she discovers that life on the new world has already perished, leaving her to endure an even harsher existence. The anime draws inspiration from the “Nostalgia” arc of the original manga, as Romi, pregnant with her lover George’s child, struggles to protect her offspring and the planet itself.

With the revelation of the cast, staff, and a captivating teaser, the anticipation for Phoenix: Eden17 and its film adaptation, Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower, continues to mount. Fans can mark their calendars for September 13, when the anime will grace screens worldwide. As Romi embarks on her poignant journey, viewers will be enthralled by the emotional depth and stunning visuals that this anime promises to deliver.

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