Lester Crest GTA V character analysis – skills, strong & weak points, know all

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

The developers of Grand Theft Auto 5 paid attention not only to the three main characters but also to minor characters that affect the plot. One of them is Lester Crest in GTA 5, which will be discussed below. Lester Crest appears after entering the main part of the story. He plays a key role in planning robberies.

About the character

Lester Crest – one of the central characters of the only game GTA V. Without him, most of the main cases and robberies of the main trio would be in question. He has an incredible mind, he has spy technology. He has experience organizing criminal cases with Michael, Trevor and Brad Snyder before the events in North Yankton. The player meets with Lester throughout the passage, as well as online.

The character was born in 1960. Nothing is known about the childhood and youth of the hero since he does not talk about it. Due to the trauma of his youth, he received an incurable disease that restricts the mobility of his legs. Since he could not be the executor of the robbery plan due to physical limitations, he becomes the “brain” of all operations. Already in adulthood, the criminal world brings the character with the main characters of GTA Michael and Trevor. After a false case, he decides to stay low. He later returns to duty.

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Participation in history

The player does not immediately get acquainted with the hero. The Crest is not mentioned in the prologue, and only Franklin and Michael are available at the beginning of the passage. Planning the first robbery in the north, the characters turn to Lester for help. De Santa meets with him at the house to discuss the details of the upcoming case. There are a lot of books, various gadgets, computers, as well as a board to make a robbery plan.

Appearance and Character 

Outwardly, Lester is small. He moves only with a cane due to an injury to the musculoskeletal system. Inside, he prefers to use a wheelchair. He wears diopter glasses, pants, and a tucked-in shirt. Courteous and intelligent, attentive to detail. He behaves with restraint, and lives in a house without frills. Since the hero’s earnings are associated with fraud on the stock exchange and theft, he prefers not to “Shine”. He saves all his money and doesn’t spend it on entertainment.

The character can be called the most valuable member of Michael’s team, since he has access to all modern technologies, databases, servers, and so on. The hero has information that allows you to carefully plan operations. Each case is not limited to one way: there are always several plans and escape routes in stock. Lester spends his free time either programming or playing computer games. He prefers to communicate with people via the Internet. He botches jokes and can’t carry out a dialogue in person, so he has no friends outside of the criminal ring. Franklin, who receives individual tasks from Lester in GTA 5, knows a secret: the hero often hacks into the girls’ webcams and watches them. Lester’s personal life is extremely bad.

In-game Location

During the campaign, Lester does not change his place of residence. His house is located in Amarillo Vista, in the El Burro Heights neighborhood. Outside of story tasks, there are no building markers on the player’s map. You can only enter during missions. The protagonist arrives to discuss matters at Lester’s house. After completing the game, you will not be able to find the crest in single player mode. If you enter the house using tricks to get through the walls, you can examine the house in detail. Lester has a well-designed apartment: lots of items, computers, notes, shelves, etc.

Additional Tasks

In addition to organizing the main robberies, the character offers Franklin a job. After the “Shame and Glory” task, the man offers the protagonist to win a large sum. The essence of the plan is that the player must kill the influential owners of corporations and buy shares of competitors. After each murder, shares of a declining company are also bought. They are then sold on the stock exchange after a few days of play. There are 5 such tasks in the game:

Hotel: A mandatory task to progress through the story. Before going on to redeem all the Betta Pharmaceuticals shares for each protagonist. After 2 days after the murder, you can sell securities – their value will increase by 50% on PCs and 80% on old consoles.

4 goals: Here you need to buy a share of the Debonaire company. The scheme is the same as in the first task.

Panel: You can get rich at Fruit Corporation on the BAWSAQ exchange.

Bus: In this task, earnings are possible after the kill. After completing the order, go to BAWSAQ and buy all the shares of the Vapid (VAP). After 72 hours of gameplay, sell your share on LCN.

Construction: Through the LCN exchange, buy the GoldCoast company and start the task. Then sell the paper at a 40 percent markup.

All tasks will open after completing Lester’s previous kill. This is not affected by the gains from the financial exchange.

Tactics to get the most benefit. Before completing Lester’s first mission, he accumulates as much money as possible on the account of 3 heroes to buy all the shares. He puts the remaining orders aside until he gets money for the latest Heist story. Then the characters can become rich and buy any real estate in the game.

You can complete the Lester Crest missions in GTA 5 without a trade, if wealth and buying cars, real estate and clothes is not your ultimate goal after he finishes the story.

Participation in GTA Online

In the fifth part of GTA, a full online mode appeared, which was not in other games of the series. Many of the characters in the story were carried over to multiplayer. Lester Crest became one of the mentors and clients for the player.


Hero-related content appeared online along with plugins. The crest appears in the organization of most robberies:

DLC Heists: The first set of robberies for GTA Online. The player gains access after a call from Lester and an invitation to the sewing factory from him. The hero becomes a participant in the organization of 5 large cases for 4 people. As in the story, Lester is the brain center of operations.

The cyclists: After buying a motorcycle club, Lester contacts a player under an assumed name and helps buy an underground business.

Trial day: Along with Agent 14, Lester contacts the player to save Los Santos from an imminent threat. The character throws small things for several days.

Diamond Casino Robbery: In this case, in GTA 5, Lester’s tasks end indefinitely. The hero decides to retire, but first, you must pull off the biggest heist from the local casino.

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