Naafiri League of Legends release date, abilities, pack, darkin and more

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

Riot Games explained more than ten years ago what his idea was for one of the next champions that had to come to League of Legends. They intended to create a new character that would have a permanent pet with a significant role in the game. The problem is that they were not able to turn the concept into a reality.

Champions were routinely cancelled back then, and while the reason this hero didn’t make it to the game has never been revealed, it’s pretty safe to imagine that it was too technologically challenging given the limitations of League at the time. Over time we stopped dreaming of seeing something like this. However, a decade later, Naafiri is about to arrive.

A new champion that we dreamed of a decade ago

Although the developer assures that Naafiri is not linked to old company projects, all the abilities of the next League of Legends champion suggest that champion that old Riot Games employees dreamed of. A character with the appearance of a dog whose power is not in his performance, but in the strength of the pack. All of her abilities, from her passive to her ult, try to reinforce very clear gameplay. “We didn’t want to focus on the idea of ​​an alpha, but on the symbiotic nature of the herd,” explained one of the developers of the next character to come to the title.

The situation, of course, is easier to understand once we know what each of his abilities does.

Passive – We Are More: Over time, Naafiri spawns packmates that attack the targets of her attacks and abilities.

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Q – Darkin Dagger: It is a projectile that is thrown in a straight line, passes through enemies and has two charges. The first deals damage and causes a bleed. If an enemy already affected by the ability is hit with its second charge, they take full damage expected from the bleed, plus an additional amount. This second hit also deals bonus damage to low-health enemies and slightly heals Naafiri.

W – Hound Pursuit: Naafiri targets an enemy in her attack range. After that, he channels the ability and launches himself on him. Upon arrival, he deals damage based on the number of packmates he currently has. In Riot’s words, it is “an ultimate from Caitlyn in which she is the projectile”. Can be interrupted if another enemy champion gets in the way.

Naafiri and Her pack

E – Eviscerate: It is a displacement ability. It deals damage in the area it crosses during the dash and also in a small area of ​​effect at the end of the movement. Packmates regroup in the end zone and restore all of their health.

R – Call of the Pack: For a short time, Naafiri causes more and more powerful packmates to appear. During this time, he gains out-of-combat movement speed, vision range, and a shield the first time he hits a champion. If he gets a kill, the duration is reset.

A technical challenge ten years later

Even though it’s been ten years since the developers first posed that champion with a more meaningful pet, Naafiri’s creation has been a technical challenge. Riot Games has had to improve the intelligence of pets because the technology of Malzahar’s ‘murgaños’, Annie’s Tibbers or Yorick’s Lady was not enough. The launch of Naafiri was initially planned for the beginning of the year. It must have arrived long before Milio. However, it has had to be delayed for six months while they finalized details to create their control system or fix bugs related to clarity.

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However, the story has ended with a happy ending. The developer may not have thought of her words from ten years ago on the now-defunct League of Legends forums, but veteran gamers will enjoy a debt repaid. They will, if all goes well, starting next July 19. A date for which other novelties have been brought forward and that promises to mark the beginning of a new era in the Riot Games video game.

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