All You Need To Know About Low Priority Queue In League Of Legends

10 months ago By AI Smith

If you’re an avid player of League of Legends, you’re likely familiar with the importance of commitment to each match and teamwork. But what happens when players disconnect from games or engage in unsportsmanlike behavior, leaving their teammates frustrated and disadvantaged? 

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, employs an automated system known as LeaverBuster to address these issues and discourage players from frequently leaving or idling in games. One of the consequences of such behavior is being placed in the notorious “Low Priority Queue.” In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into all aspects of the Low Priority Queue in League of Legends, including what it is, how you end up there, and how to escape its clutches.

What is the Low Priority Queue in League of Legends?

The Low Priority Queue, often referred to as “Low Priority” or simply “LPQ,” is a disciplinary system employed by Riot Games to penalize players who frequently leave matches, dodge games, or exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct during games. Players placed in the Low Priority Queue face longer waiting times before they can enter a match, which can be a significant inconvenience, especially during peak gaming hours.

How Do You End Up in the Low Priority Queue?

Players can find themselves in the Low Priority Queue for a variety of reasons, primarily related to unsportsmanlike conduct, game abandonment, or disconnection issues. Here are some common scenarios that may lead to placement in the Low Priority Queue:

Frequent Disconnects: If you frequently disconnect from games or experience connection issues that result in you being absent from matches, you may be flagged for placement in the Low Priority Queue.

Game Dodging: “Dodging” refers to the act of leaving a match during champion select, usually to avoid playing with certain teammates or unfavorable team compositions. Frequent dodging can land you in the Low Priority Queue.

Leaving Matches: Leaving a game before it concludes is considered a severe offense in League of Legends. If you regularly leave matches before they end, expect consequences.

Excessive Reports: If you receive numerous reports from other players for unsportsmanlike behavior, offensive language, or other violations of the Summoner’s Code, it can result in Low Priority Queue placement.

LeaverBuster Warnings: Riot Games often provide warning messages to players who consistently engage in disruptive behavior. Ignoring these warnings and continuing the behavior may lead to Low Priority Queue placement.

How Long Does the Low Priority Queue Last?

The duration of your stay in the Low Priority Queue depends on several factors, including the severity and frequency of your disruptive behavior. Riot Games employs a tiered system for Low Priority Queue penalties, with each tier corresponding to different penalties. Here’s an overview of the tiers and their associated penalties:

Tier 0: 1-minute queue delay for one game.

Tier 1: 5-minute queue delay for five games.

Tier 2: 10-minute queue delay for five games.

Tier 3: 15-minute queue delay for five games.

Tier 4: 15-minute queue delay for five games + 24-hour queue lockout.

Tier 5: 15-minute queue delay for five games + 3-day queue lockout.

Tier 6: 15-minute queue delay for five games + 7-day queue lockout.

Tier 7: 15-minute queue delay for five games + 2-week queue lockout.

In most cases, players are required to complete five to six games while in the Low Priority Queue to clear their status and return to the regular matchmaking queue. During this time, they must endure the specified queue delay times before each game.

It’s essential to note that these penalties do not apply to all game modes in League of Legends. Specifically, Clash and Teamfight Tactics (TFT) do not subject players to Low Priority Queue penalties.

Additional Considerations and Penalties:

In addition to the Low Priority Queue penalties, other consequences may arise from a pattern of disruptive behavior:

League Points (LP) Deductions: Frequent game dodging, especially in ranked games, can result in LP deductions. Initially, dodging may cost you only three-LP, but repeated dodging can result in significantly higher LP losses.

Permanent Bans: In severe cases of continuous disruptive behavior, players may face permanent bans, effectively rendering their accounts inaccessible.

How to Improve and Escape the Low-Priority Queue:

To escape the Low Priority Queue and regain access to regular matchmaking, players must complete the required number of games while enduring the queue delay times. Here are some tips for improving your behavior and avoiding the Low Priority Queue:

Stay Connected: Ensure a stable internet connection to minimize disconnections from games.

Avoid Dodging: Try to work with your team and adapt to different team compositions rather than dodging games during champion select.

Sportsmanship: Maintain a positive and sportsmanlike attitude during games, avoiding offensive language and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Communication: Use the in-game chat to communicate and coordinate with your teammates effectively.

Adapt and Learn: Use your time in the Low Priority Queue to practice and improve your skills, as well as reflect on your behavior in previous games.

The Low Priority Queue in League of Legends serves as a disciplinary measure to discourage disruptive behavior and promote fair and enjoyable gameplay. Players should strive to maintain a positive and sportsmanlike attitude during games to avoid placement in the Low Priority Queue and associated penalties. By adhering to the Summoner’s Code and respecting fellow players, you can contribute to a better gaming environment for yourself and the League of Legends community as a whole.

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