PMWI 2023 Results & Winners: Prize Distribution, Top 5 Players, Best & Worst

10 months ago By AI Smith

The All-stars phase of the 2023 PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) recently concluded on 13th July 20233. Here are all details about PMWI 2023 Results, Winners, Prize Distribution and more.

PMWI 2023 Results

The PMWI 2023  title was claimed by Thailand’s Vampire Esports. The team showcased outstanding teamwork on all the three-days of the competition. The event awarded seats into the Main Event to a total of six teams.

PMWI 2023 Prize Distribution

Developer Tencent awarded a total prize pool of $1 million among the Allstars’ participants. The ultimate champion squad Vampire Esports received $140,000 in prize money, while the second place finishing team took home $115,000.

Prize pool distribution of PMWI Allstars

  • Vampire Esports – $140,000
  • Dplus – $115,000
  • DRS Gaming – $90,000
  • Gaimin Gladiators – $80,000
  • Alpha7 Esports – $70,000
  • Team Falcons AF – $60,000
  • Infinity IQ – $55,000
  • AgonXI8 – $49,000
  • S2G Gaming – $44,000
  • R8 Esports – $41,000
  • Bigetron Esports – $39,000
  • Faze Clan – $37,000
  • Yangon Galacticos – $35,000
  • Varrel – $33,000
  • SEM9 – $31,000
  • Aton – $29,000
  • Mezexis Esports NA – $27,000
  • iKurd Esports – $25,000

South Korean team, Dplus, came runner-up and took home a cash prize of $115,000. Third place was claimed by Nepal’s DRS Gaming who earned $90,000 for their efforts. After coming in seventh place after the opening day, the Nepal team made an unbelievable comeback on Day 2, and jumped to the second spot.

AT the fourth place was Russian team Gaimin Gladiators. They have one of the strongest lineups in the tournament. Alpha7 Esports from Brazil, which had already won America’s Championship earlier this year, was placed ranked fifth in the overall table. 

Team Falcons AF, who recently got the lineup of ArabGolden Galaxy, showcased their skills against the experienced opponents to finish sixth. Infinity IQ from Vietnam was the seventh place finisher.

PMWI 2023 Best Players

Dplus player Sayden emerged as the best player of PMWI 202 after he topped the kill leaderboard, thanks to his 21 eliminations and 2176 damage.AgonXi8’s UZM and IQ also came in the top five in the fraggers list, boasting of 12 kills each.

PMWI 2023 Qualified teams for Main Event

  • Vampire Esports
  • Dplus
  • DRS Gaming
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • Falcons AF
  • Infinity IQ

Teams who narrowly missed a spot in the Main Event included AgonXi8 from Pakistan, who just missed by a single point. and could not reach the Main Event. Similarly, S2G Gaming, who are the current world champions, did not have a great run in the PMWI Allstars season. They finished ninth on the overall scoreboard. Other teams like Faze and Bigetron Esports also couldn’t make it.

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