How To Use Gloo Wall In Free Fire: Tips & Tricks, Steps And More

8 months ago By AI Smith

For players looking for offensive and defensive advantages in Free Fire, learning the ins and outs of using the Gloo Wall can be a game-changer. Each weapon and utility in Garena Free Fire MAX has a unique purpose that is catered to the gaming tastes and style of the player.

One such utility is the Gloo Wall, which possesses both offensive and defensive capabilities. It is a must-have item for any Free Fire player embarking on a battle royale mission. This grenade constructs a protective wall around the player, granting valuable time to replenish health, revive teammates, or eliminate enemies safely and efficiently.

While some Free Fire enthusiasts may be unaware of this utility or struggle with its usage, mastering the Gloo Wall grenade can significantly enhance gameplay and increase the odds of emerging victorious. However, it requires practice to unlock its full potential.

Using the Gloo Wall grenade is a straightforward process akin to deploying any other grenade. Select the Gloo Wall, position the crosshair in the desired location, and slide the fire button to place it. Nevertheless, equipping and using the Gloo Wall grenade correctly is crucial, as misusing it or deploying it at the wrong moment can lead to disastrous outcomes in a match.

How to Use the Fast Gloo Wall in Free Fire?

Becoming proficient in using the fast Gloo Wall technique in Free Fire can grant you remarkable elusiveness on the battlefield. However, mastering this technique requires practice and familiarity.

Follow these steps to employ the fast Gloo Wall technique when engaging an enemy:

Step 1: While holding the Fire button, shoot at the enemy by dragging the button upward to improve your chances of landing headshots.

Step 2: While still holding the Fire button, swiftly switch to the Gloo Wall.

Step 3: Aim the Gloo Wall by dragging the Fire button to the desired placement location (your finger should still be holding the Fire button). The lower you aim, the closer the Gloo Wall will be to you.

Step 4: Release the Fire button to deploy the Gloo Wall.

Secret Gloo Wall Tips and Tricks Pro Players Utilize

Using the following tips and tricks will enable players to maximize the effectiveness of the Gloo Wall, providing a competitive edge against adversaries.

Tip 1: The 360° Trick

The 360° trick is a well-known and secure method of utilizing the Gloo Wall in Free Fire. However, mastering this technique requires speed and precision in aiming. The 360° trick ensures coverage from all directions, but it necessitates adjusting certain in-game settings, which will be elaborated upon further.

Tip 2: Crouch Placing

Proper positioning of the Gloo Wall is crucial for optimum protection. Crouching while deploying the Gloo Wall is more effective than doing so while standing, as it allows for adjacent positioning on the ground. Crouch placing is also the fastest way to deploy the Gloo Wall.

Tip 3: Heightened Gloo Walls

Being fired upon from an elevated position can be frustrating, even when taking cover behind a Gloo Wall. Since the default height of a Gloo Wall cannot be increased, players can stack one Gloo Wall on top of another to provide enhanced protection.

Tip 4: Custom HUD and Sensitivity

Customizing the HUD settings by placing the crouch button next to the Gloo Wall button is recommended. Although this choice is subjective, it significantly reduces the time required to equip and deploy the wall.

Increasing sensitivity is also crucial for swift movement and camera adjustments. Implementing these changes ensures the successful execution of the 360° trick and aids in implementing the remaining tips effectively.

Tip 5: Fake Gloo Walls

Using fake Gloo Walls is a highly effective tactic in competitive matches. This trick lures enemies into approaching your wall while you position yourself farther away from the wall you initially placed. From this advantageous vantage point, you can eliminate opponents who mistakenly assume you are taking cover behind the wall.

Overall, the Gloo Wall is an incredible and potent utility offered by Free Fire. With dedicated practice and proper execution, it can provide a significant advantage in competitive matches, granting players the upper hand against their opponents.

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