Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Manga With Crossing Over 10 Million Copies

3 months ago By AI Smith

The staff behind the sensational manga series, “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” has some exciting news to share with fans worldwide. We are thrilled to announce that this beloved manga has now crossed a remarkable milestone, with over 10 million copies in circulation. This achievement comes just weeks before the eagerly anticipated anime adaptation officially premieres. Join us as we dive into the magical world of Frieren, celebrating its journey beyond 10 million copies.

Journey’s End and a New Beginning

“After a 10-year quest, the elven mage Frieren and the hero Himmel part ways,” begins our tale. Following the hard-fought victory over the Demon King, the kingdom enters a period of profound peace. However, it is not the end of Frieren’s adventures; it is, in fact, the beginning of a new chapter in her life. Frieren embarks on a journey of self-discovery, set against the backdrop of a world transformed by their heroics. As she sets out on her path, she finds herself accompanied by a cast of characters, including the youthful Fern and Stark.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Manga Milestone

The official Twitter account for “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” manga has confirmed this remarkable milestone, with more than 10 million copies now in circulation. To commemorate this achievement, fans can look forward to the 11th compiled volume of the manga, set to release on September 15 in Japan. For our international audience, the manga’s latest chapters are available at VIZ Media, and you can also purchase the volumes.

Where to Watch the Anime

Excitement is building as Studio MADHOUSE brings the world of Frieren to life with an anime adaptation. Mark your calendars for September 29, 2023, as the anime is set to premiere during a bustling fall season. But that’s not all—this highly anticipated debut will be a two-hour special, promising an unforgettable experience for fans.

For Japanese viewers, the two-hour special will air on Nippon Television (NTV). For our Western audience, the anime will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll as it premieres.

An Overview of the New Anime Series

For those new to the enchanting world of Frieren, here’s a brief overview of the upcoming anime series, as shared by Crunchyroll:

The powerful mage Frieren, alongside Himmel and their party, succeeded in vanquishing the Demon King after a decade-long quest. Peace was restored to the kingdom. Due to her elven heritage, Frieren enjoys a life expectancy of over a thousand years. She promises Himmel and her companions that she will return to them, but not before embarking on a solitary journey.

Fifty years later, Frieren fulfills her promise and visits her old comrades, only to find that time has taken its toll on them, leaving only a fraction of their lives behind. Tragically, she witnesses Himmel’s passing, and this experience stirs deep regrets within her heart. She longs to have spent more time connecting with people, and so, she sets forth on a new journey to remedy that. Along the way, she encounters a multitude of individuals, and countless adventures await her.

As we celebrate this monumental achievement of 10 million copies in circulation for the manga, and look ahead to the anime’s premiere, we invite you to join us in the magical world of Frieren, where timeless tales and unforgettable characters await.

“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” has indeed touched the hearts of millions of readers around the world, and the journey is far from over. With the anime adaptation on the horizon, fans can anticipate even more enchanting adventures and heartwarming moments with their beloved characters. As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, let us embrace the anticipation and excitement that comes with the promise of new horizons in the world of Frieren.

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