Apple Vision Pro Reviews: All You Need To Know, Price, Features, Updates, Key Points

3 months ago By Ronny Walker

Apple unveiled a flurry of updates, new features, and new gadgets during WWDC 2023. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about Apple Vision Pro.

At Apple’s WWDC 2023, the Cupertino company made clear its intentions and proposals to lead a market that, almost completely submerged in the artificial intelligence industry, now has new competition rules.

After this avalanche of announcements and news, it is worth reviewing point by point the news presented by Apple this on 5 June. Here’s everything you need to know:

Apple Vision Pro glasses are a reality

Apple presented its first Vision Pro mixed reality glasses which, according to the company, are “the most advanced personal device” in history and bring to the table a new technological revolution.

Apple’s Vision Pro glasses will be available early next year in the United States with a starting price of $3,499. The company promises to bring this technology to other markets sometime in 2024.

Apple’s new mixed reality headset is powered by visionOS, a system designed specifically for the gadget . In general, the software will allow running iOS and iPadOS applications in more than two dimensions. The system is capable of extracting content and displaying it in a 360° view.

Apple intends the glasses to be used for entertainment, with movie projection and audio moving forward; for productivity, with projection of applications and virtual monitors, and for communication. The technology behind Apple’s Vision Pro glasses is the current pride of the company.

15-inch MacBook Air is a reality

Apple introduced the highly anticipated 15-inch MacBook Air. The new MacBook Air arrives with a display of exactly 15.3 inches with a resolution of 3024×1964 pixels per inch. In addition, Apple announced updates to a few others for Mac Pro and Mac Studio, as well as a new generation of chips: the M2 Ultra.

According to Apple, it is the lightest, most powerful personal computer and with the largest screen in its segment, it will be available for pre-sale starting next week with a starting price of $1,299.

Mac Studio is renewed with a new chip

The new generation Mac Studio improves 25% in performance with the promise of rendering in After Effects up to 50% faster thanks to the fact that it now integrates, in its entry model, an M2 Max chip.

The premium Mac Studio range gained support for the M2 Ultra chip , Apple’s newest generation of processors. The capabilities of this new processor are complemented by up to 192 GB of RAM.

Mac Pro wins an Apple Silicon chip

Apple introduced a refreshed Mac Pro line that now adopts the new M2 Ultra chip. With this integration, the company completed the process of integrating Apple Silicon into its Mac line. Added to the power of the new chip are eight Thunderbolt 4 ports, which guarantee improved data transmission speeds. The starting price of the new Mac Pro is $6,999.

iOS 17

The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system comes with a great avalanche of improvements and new features, including some such as Posters that allow you to customize the call and contact screen; Live Voicemail to leave messages in the voicemail that can be transcribed or Journal, an app that will allow users to group memories including people, places, activities, photos, and even music.

In addition, the main applications of the Apple ecosystem such as FaceTime, iMessages and AirDrop received important updates.

iPadOS 17

The new version of the iPad operating system comes with improved widgets and a lock screen feature. Users will also have the ability to customize the clock and add different widgets to a side menu on the screen.

Apple announced the arrival of the Health app to the iPad interface. Until now, this tool was exclusive to the iPhone.


The new system for MacBooks, Mac Mini and iMacs will prioritize the productivity of its users and. At the same time, maintain the simplicity that characterizes the latest versions of Apple’s system. Sonoma will include features to set animated wallpapers and comes with interactive widgets that can be set anywhere on the desktop. Apple clarified that they will work in the same way as on the iPhone. So they will have shortcuts and some of them will be able to send instructions to third-party apps, such as a car.

MacOS 14 Sonoma includes a gaming mode called Game Mode where the computer’s settings will automatically change so that games running on Macs work optimally.

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