Diablo 4: How Much Does It Cost To Reset A Level 100 Character? Impact And Other Details

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

Perhaps the best feature of Diablo IV is that, regardless of the progress we make with any character, it is possible to modify any talent point of their Faculties whenever we want, in the amount we want and where we choose; with no more limitations than having invested X points in talent in branches before the most advanced to select them. We explain how much a complete reroll of your character can cost.

Redistribute points in Diablo IV

As we said, the ”reroll” or respect of a character in the fourth part of the Activision-Blizzard ARPG is possible and even recommended in some cases. Between patches that can be published that alter the balance of a class (its abilities, passives, etc.) there will be occasions in which we are no longer interested in having certain points distributed in some talents and we want to pass them on to others that are now more. goal”. To do so, all we have to do is go to our character’s skill tree and right-click on the skills and talents that we want to recycle to recover a point in exchange for a price in gold that the interface specifies or do it all at once.

A reroll halfway through the character is not excessively expensive

If we do this with a few, -or halfway through the complete progression of our character- it is not a very important problem, since it will cost us some gold (it is a way of burning the money that we earn almost without realizing it in the game), but after a while, we will have recovered based on completing activities or collecting gold from chests and enemies. But what if it turns out that we want to redistribute ALL of our character’s points? When everything is maximized, and we are including the Paragon points (progression and talent table apart from the skill tree) that are unlocked from level 50. Well, hold on because it can cost us 13 million gold.

Point redistribution costs at Max Level in Diablo IV

In this post on the Diablo 4 Reddit, resetting a character’s talents to 100% with full progression can reach that exorbitant figure. But it’s important to note that the cost in this respect is divided into two categories. On the one hand, there is the redistribution of points from the skill tree and then we have the glyphs of the Paragon tablets that add many more levels to sum it up.

    48 levels of normal progression when levelling up

    10 levels gained by renown

    100 Paragon levels (200 points)

    20 Renowned, Paragon Levels (20)

    5 levels for altars of Lilith

If we decide to do a total reroll or respec, the amount of gold that we should invest would be 13,204,967 gold; Approximately 4 million three hundred thousand for the 48 normal levels plus the 10 renowned ones, and 8,350,000 in gross numbers for the rest of the Paragon levels, with their renown and those given by Lilith’s altars.

How to avoid paying extra for your character reset

Although it is not an amount of money that is scarce in the High End, it will certainly hinder something quite important in the game: the modification and empowerment of our equipment, which unlike the level that is something finite and that we earn for free (it does not cost money to level up naturally), it can be in continuous flux due to the equipment that is being introduced into the game and that we must manage.

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As we already mentioned in the materials recycling guide, it is important to know if we should dismantle or sell the most powerful objects that enemies drop. We cannot only disassemble them or only sell them, because what we gain on the one hand (materials if we disassemble or gold if we sell it) we “lose” on the other and we must have a balance between both ways of taking advantage of the drop. The fact is that if we abuse the respec excessively, we will not have enough liquidity to invest in modifying our weapons or armour, let alone the aspects that cost money and/or materials. 

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