Free Fire Gaming iCON: ID, Stats, YouTube, Age & More

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Free Fire has some really great and talented players. In this article we will discuss one such player – Gaming iCON. Here’s everything you need to know about Gaming iCON.

Who is Gaming iCON In Free Fire?

Sanjay, also known to his fans as Gaming iCON, which is the name of his YouTube channel is a Free Fire MAX player and content creator from India. He creates content about tips-and-tricks. He has two other YouTube channels too namely, Sanjay Unfiltered and BOO Chen.

iCON is also a professional Free Fire player who boasts of an aggressive playstyle and a great ability to clutch. He is a part of the Indian Free Fire team Orangutan. Sanjay has won several tournaments in his career. These include the PMCO Fall Split 2020 Grand Finals and the BGIS 2021 Grand Finals.

Gaming iCON Age

Sanjay aka Gaming iCON is 20 years old. 

Gaming iCON’s Free Fire ID

iCON’s Free Fire ID is 977725291. Beside, his guild’s name is GAMING ICON, whose Free fire ID is 65333080. Currently, the YouTuber sits in Gold 3 in BR-Ranked Season 34 and Diamond 1 in CS-Ranked Season 19.

Gaming iCON Stats

So far, Gaming iCON has appeared in 1632 solo matches. From these he has finished at the top of the podium 117 times, and flaunts a win rate of 7.16%. Having killed 3305 of opponents, iCON has an average of 2.18 kills per death.

Besides, Gaming iCON has participated in 2195 duo matches and bagged 212 Booyahs to record a win rate of 9.65%. He has also achieved 4428 eliminations, which take his  K/D ratio to 2.23.

When it comes to squad matches in Free Fire, Gaming iCON has featured in 7147 squad matches. He has won 1843 of the times, due to which his win rate is 25.78%. Thanks to his 19837 frags. Gaming iCON has a K/D ratio of 3.74.

Gaming iCON YouTube Channel

Gaming iCON is also popular on YouTube with 1.54 Million subscribers. His YouTube channel includes gameplay videos, live streams, and challenges.Sanjay began uploading content on his Gaming iCON YouTube channel over four years back. Since then he has posted close to 900 videos, amassing a massive 106 million views.

Gaming iCON Income

Gaming iCON reportedly earns a monthly revenue between $160 and $2.6K. Annually the content creator earns between $1.9K and $30.7K from his channel.

Gaming iCON’s social media profiles

  • Instagram: @freefireicon
  • Twitter: @freefireicon
  • Facebook: Free Fire ICON
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