PUBG Mobile July 2023: 5 Best Ways To Maintain A High Rank In Every Season

3 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

How good a player is and how good is his gameplay in PUBG Mobile is determined by the rank they hold. Players may have the best ranks in particular seasons, but often they find it difficult to maintain the rank in every season, especially since the fact that ranks are reset after every season.

If you too face the same issue and struggle in maintaining the ranks, here are 5 tips to help you to maintain your rank in every season of PUBG Mobile.

5 Best Ways To Maintain A High Rank In Every Season In PUBG

1. Pick either Solo/Duo/Squad

To maintain your rank every season, avoid playing a mix of Solo, Duo, and Squad matches. Pick any one of the three types of match that you are most comfortable with in PUBG Mobile and stick to playing only that format.

This will help you maintain your rank in any one of them and put in all your efforts towards it. Usually for this the squad mode is preferred and recommended since it is easier to maintain your rank in the squad mode.

2. Start pushing from the beginning of the season

Usually what most players do is they start working towards their rank towards the end of each season in PUBG Mobile. This is one of the biggest mistakes you make. The most effective approach to maintaining your ranks in PUBG is maintain consistency. Start pushing your rank at the beginning of each season itself and maintaining your rank will become an easy task.

3. Play to survive

Maintaining your rank in PUBG Mobile requires players to stay alive and to play safe. Avoid rushing unnecessarily. Pick your fights wisely. And remember survival is the key

4. Use unranked mode for casual games

Do not make the mistake of getting defeated at the start of any match in PUBG Mobile. If you just want to play for fun casually or you want to play with teammates who are not that used to the game, play the unranked mode in such instances to avoid messing up with your rank. This will make sure that your PUBG Mobile rank is not hampered.

5. Play only in classic mode

Do not waste your time playing the various modes in PUBG Mobile. If your goal is just to maintain your rank, stick to playing only in the classic mode of the game, and avoiding the other modes.

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