Fortnite: 5 Hidden Gadgets In The Game 

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games, is known for its constant updates and additions that keep players engaged and excited. One of the recent additions to Fortnite is the limited-time game mode that brings a unique twist to the gameplay experience. 

In the game, players have access to various hidden gadgets that can give them an advantage on the battlefield. In this article, we will explore five of the hidden gadgets in game mode and discuss how they can be used strategically.

The Shadow Device:

The Shadow Device is a powerful gadget that allows players to transform into a shadow, gaining the ability to move quickly and become invisible to enemies. This gadget is particularly useful for sneaking up on opponents or making a swift escape when caught in a tight situation. Use it wisely to gain a tactical advantage.

The Recon Scanner:

The Recon Scanner is a throwable gadget that reveals nearby enemy locations when deployed. This allows players to gather crucial intel on enemy positions and plan their strategies accordingly. By using the Recon Scanner effectively, players can gain the upper hand by anticipating their opponents’ movements and making informed decisions.

The Inflate-A-Bull:

The Inflate-A-Bull is a fun and quirky gadget that provides players with a giant inflatable ball. When activated, the ball inflates around the player, granting them temporary invincibility and the ability to bounce around the battlefield. Use the Inflate-A-Bull to evade enemy fire, cross open areas quickly, or surprise opponents with unexpected mobility.

The Burst Quad Launcher:

The Burst Quad Launcher is a powerful weapon that combines the functionality of a rocket launcher and a shotgun. It fires a burst of explosive projectiles that can deal significant damage to structures and opponents alike. Utilize this gadget to quickly dismantle enemy fortifications or launch devastating attacks on groups of enemies.

The Light Cycle:

The Light Cycle is a unique vehicle gadget inspired by the iconic Tron franchise. When activated, players can summon a futuristic motorcycle-like vehicle that leaves a light trail in its wake. The Light Cycle offers increased speed and manoeuvrability, allowing players to swiftly navigate the map and outmanoeuvre opponents. Use it strategically to surprise enemies and secure advantageous positions.

The game mode in Fortnite introduces a variety of hidden gadgets that add excitement and strategic depth to the gameplay experience. From the transformative powers of the Shadow Device to the explosive capabilities of the Burst Quad Launcher, each gadget presents unique opportunities for players to gain an edge in combat. 

Experiment with these gadgets, adapt your playstyle and discover innovative ways to outsmart and outmanoeuvre your opponents. Embrace the hidden gadgets in game mode and unlock the full potential of Fortnite’s dynamic gameplay.

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