Does Diablo IV Have Over 130 Dungeons? Reddit User Reveals Detail

1 months ago By Ronny Walker

Of course, the Diablo 4 proposal has at its core the slaughter of demons and hellish creatures. However, fans of the iconic Blizzard saga are well aware that part of the experience also includes setting up a plan that allows them to gather massive amounts of XP to level up their character. 

For years, the community has been collaborating to offer help and advice to both newbies and professionals who still have questions about the instalments of the franchise, but a user did his best on Reddit and he got the best out of it. The report suggests that this gamer has made a very complete list that includes the most relevant features of the 130 Diablo IV dungeons. And We are not only talking about its design or the distribution of enemies but also about how much XP you can get when playing alone or in a group, what its farming areas and other details that will be essential for those who want to level up quickly.

Diablo IV Season 1 Details

The gaming users can check out all of this information in the document shared by this Reddit user or instead read a roundup of the best dungeons to earn XP in. Some people consider that this information can change drastically with the arrival of Season 1, which will bring a massive update today, July 20, but it is still exceptional research that could be of help to more than one user.

If you’ve already enjoyed all that Diablo IV has to offer since its release, keep in mind that the Blizzard team plans to introduce a lot of new stuff in just a few hours. As we told you in the previous paragraph, Season 1 is about to start, but you can prepare for that moment by learning about new equipment, class nerfs, and more in our article with everything you need to know about Season of Evil.

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Diablo 4 seasons start with controversy

Since the announcement of this first season of Diablo IV, there have been some critical voices with the need to create a new character to enjoy Season 1; something that on the other hand has been a constant in this kind of game even in the days of the memorable Diablo 2 with the “Ladders”. Given this scenario, Blizzard has already dropped that there could be changes later, emulating the reborn mechanics of Diablo III.

This same Thursday, July 20, the first season of Diablo 4 begins with new challenges and rewards to continue enjoying the brutal RPG action of this PC and console title that has become one of the most successful so far this year.

Diablo IV Success

As reported by Blizzard in a press release last Month in June, Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo IV has surpassed the barrier of $666 million in the initial five days of launch. These incomes have also been thanks to microtransactions, which have been the subject of controversy since some cosmetics cost up to 25 euros in Diablo 4.

The company has also shared other statistics that show the great reception of the game. In this way, 276 million hours have been exceeded and players have killed 276,000 million demons. However, users have also died 316 million times. The true heroes of the community have been the 163 people who have reached the maximum level in Hardcore Mode, that is, permanent death where you lose all your character, time and objects.

Remember that you can take a look at our complete guide with the best tips and tricks whenever you need it.

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