CS GO: What Is Bunny Hop, Cheat, Style, Process & More

7 months ago By AI Smith

Bunny hopping, also known as hopping, is a technique in CS GO that allows players to move with enhanced speed and agility.

While it may seem simple, mastering the art of bunny hopping requires practice, timing, and an understanding of the mechanics involved. In this article, we will delve into the process of bunny hopping, provide useful tips to improve your skills and explore the various styles and benefits of this technique.

Understanding Bunny Hopping:

Bunny hopping involves jumping at the precise moment of landing to gain additional momentum and maintain speed. By chaining consecutive jumps together, players can achieve higher speeds than running with a knife. It is important to note that bunny hopping has evolved over the years due to changes implemented by Valve, but it remains a valuable skill for CS:GO players.

Improving Bunny Hopping Skills:

To enhance your bunny-hopping abilities, consider the following tips:

Adjust Your Hotkeys:

Experiment with different hotkey configurations to find what works best for you. While the space bar is the default jump key, binding the jump function to the mouse wheel (e.g., mwheelup and mwheeldown) can provide more precise control and improve your timing.

Master the Technique:

To initiate a successful bunny hop, start moving forward and press the jump button. While in the air, simultaneously press a directional movement key (A or D) and move your mouse in the same direction. Just before landing, press the jump button again and repeat the process, alternating the directional movement key each time.

Track Your Progress:

Monitoring your movement speed can help you gauge your improvement. Add the command “cl_showpos 1” to your autoexec file or console to display vital statistics such as position coordinates, angles, and current velocity. Use this information to analyze your speed and identify areas for refinement.

Incorporate Strafing:

Strafing is essential for maximizing the speed gained from bunny hopping. Coordinate your left and right movements with your camera orientation. Practice small glances in the desired strafing direction while ensuring you can quickly switch to the opposite direction for a continuous strafe. Strafing adds complexity but significantly contributes to increasing your speed.

Explore Different Styles:

While forward jumping is the most common bunny hopping style, you can experiment with backward or sideways hopping. Each style requires a unique key sequence and can offer advantages such as better tracking and chaining of motions. Incorporating different styles into your training can enhance your overall bunny-hopping versatility.

Utilize Bunny Hop “Cheats”:

While using cheats in ranked or regular matchmaking is strictly prohibited, enabling the auto bunny hop command (sv_autobunnyhopping 1) in a private server can assist in learning the timing of jump inputs. This temporary aid can help you understand the precise moment to press the jump key and replicate the action without assistance.

Benefits and Application:

Mastering bunny hopping can be advantageous in several situations. It allows you to reach higher velocities, surpassing the speed of running with a knife. Bunny hopping is particularly useful for rushing bomb sites, manoeuvring through corners efficiently, and quickly navigating the map to gain positional advantages. It can also catch opponents off guard when rounding corners with a weapon equipped, as they may expect you to be moving with a pistol or knife.

Bunny hopping is a skill that adds an extra dimension to your gameplay in CS:GO. With practice, dedication, and an understanding of the mechanics involved, you can improve your bunny-hopping abilities and gain a competitive edge. 

Remember, bunny hopping is not only a useful technique for competitive play but can also provide endless enjoyment in community servers, where parkour challenges and the rhythm of hopping can be appreciated. Embrace the art of bunny hopping and elevate your CS:GO experience to new heights.

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