5 Ways To Increase BGMI RP Quickly For Free? 

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Several BGMI users purchase the Royal Pass, which gives them seasonal rewards. On the other hand there are other players who play the game for Free. If you are one og those players and are worried about increasing your RP, then here are 5 ways you can level up in RP and get free rewards.

How To Increase BGMI RP Quickly? 

Complete Daily Missions

One of the easiest ways to level up your RP in BGMI quickly id completing  Daily Missions. Players can visit the “Missions” tab and complete the Daily Missions available that that particular day.

Completing Daily Missions can possibly help in increasing the seasonal activity present in the same tab. Seasonal activity points and the points from daily missions can help players get higher ranks and obtain free RP rewards.

Open crates

Players can also level up in the Royal Pass ranks by opening crates. Players can get 10 RP points each for opening a Classic Crate or a Premium Crate. If players open a bundle you get 100 RP as one bundle has 10 crates. 

Players can obtain both these crates for free in exchange of silver fragments for scraps of the crate coupons.

Complete weekly RP missions

Just like daily missions BGMI also has Royal Pass Weekly Missions. These Missions provide users with the opportunity to gain RP Points when the  missions are completed allowing players to level up in RP.

Although the paid Royal Pass Missions is only available to those players who have purchased the Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus, other players can avail the free RP missions available per week. Playing the game for free can help players rank up to two levels per week by completing the free RP Weekly Missions.

Get RP Missions Card or 100 RP Points token

BGMI has specific events that arrive for a limited time in the game. These  help players to get free RP rewards. Players can exchange event token points and get RP Missions cards or 100 RP Points tokens.

The 100 RP Points tokens can help the players directly level up by one RP level, RP Missions Cards can help players skip a Weekly or Daily Mission.

RP Respect points

Every player who plays BGMI for free can easily level up to get free RP rewards by earning respect points. Respect points can be earned by asking friends (who have purchased RP) to give you Respect points when playing a BGMI classic mode match. But remember that RP Respect points have a limit per day. Each user can get a maximum 2 RP points from a friend per match.

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