5 Ways EA Sports FC 24 Can Surpass FIFA 23| Tips And Improvements

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

EA Sports is launching its new Football game license this year, which will probably debut in September and from which we expect changes and new features to improve the formula of the saga.

“The king is dead, long live the new king” is a phrase that could fit very well with Football simulators for this year, since from July EA Esports creators of the FIFA saga, will renounce the name for the first time from the International Football Federation to create your license.

This new IP will be EA Sports FC and it will start, excuse the redundancy, with EA Sports FC 24, a game about which we still do not have any details beyond the rumour that it will be released at the end of September and that the footballer on its cover is probably Erling Haaland, the Manchester City striker.

We want to try this new Football simulator but, in the meantime, we want to review 5 points that we believe EA Sports should improve in this jump from FIFA to EA Sports FC so that we feel that we are facing a new license and, by the way, to try to offer us the best football game possible.

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One of the main complaints of almost all FIFA players is found in the referees. It is perhaps one of the most complex issues to do in a football game but it is also one of the most noticeable leaps in the transition from one saga to another and that fans would appreciate the most.

In addition to asking referees to better evaluate fouls or cards, this year it will also be interesting to see how football games adapt to the new rules and, above all, see how they modify the games to the probable change in the away system. The game that can change everything in real and virtual football.

The Goalkeepers

Another of the points to improve in FIFA 23 is that of the goalkeepers and seeking a balance in their reactions. Sometimes they are real lynxes, other times they make meaningless mistakes that can make us desperate and cost us a game. During the last few years, both FIFA and eFootball have put a lot of effort into trying to fix the behaviour of the goalkeepers and also add smoother movements with new animations but neither of them has achieved a satisfactory result.

With EA Sports FC 24, a jump in quality in the behaviour of this crucial player would be more than welcome and we would love to see how goalkeepers react better to balls from the ball, that they decide to go out to intercept a ball when it touches, that they don’t get so involved when they have to control a ball and, ultimately, to react more naturally to shots, passes and all plays.

A more leisurely and tactical football

This point is perhaps the most controversial of all those on this list. FIFA 23 started with a very interesting game rhythm, something slower that allowed a more tactical point when it came to enjoying the matches but that has been left behind by the playable mechanics of FIFA 23 itself that greatly favour the attacker, with advantages in the race and in the watermarks which often turn the games into authentic runners, especially if we talk about the multiplayer.

We would love to see in the new saga a more leisurely gameplay in which dribbling is somewhat more difficult, in which tactics and moving the ball with delicacy and skill are a priority to braid a play and score a goal or perhaps what we would like is to see an EA Sports FC 24 very different from FIFA 23 in everything playable to give us the feeling that we are facing something completely new and closer than ever to real football.

New game modes

We cannot say that the FIFA saga, in general terms, has few game modes, but the truth is that FIFA 23 proved to be a very continuous and unambitious title, with few new features in the usual modes and no major news in this one sense.

First of all, we ask for notable changes in all modes, from a manager (which needs a few improvements) to FUT, while on the other hand, we would love to have new experiences or the return of old ones like story mode or maybe a mode game that allows us to review the trajectory of a player or a team to get into their skin and relive historical matches, tournaments or rivalries. It would be amazing, right?

A good adaptation to PC

Many of you will already know by now that whoever writes these lines has a fishbowl soul, so the last point of this article is dedicated precisely to the PC version of EA Sports FC 24, which must be better than the one we had in FIFA 23. in which there were a lot of technical errors, bugs and failures related to the anti-cheat system.

We hope that these failures will not be repeated in the new EA Sports Football saga that should make its debut on the right foot on the keyboard and mouse platform with a version to match, without major errors and well optimized for all types of teams. So that most PC gamers can enjoy a great Football game.

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You… What would you ask of EA Sports FC 24?

In these lines, we have reviewed five points in which we believe that EA Sports FC 24 should improve compared to FIFA 23 but we would also like to know what you expect or would like to see in this new EA Football saga which we hope to sink the tooth soon.

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