Cherry Blossom Biome in Minecraft: All You Need To Know

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Developer Mojang is all set to release the new Minecraft 1.20 update. The new update will feature the Cherry Blossom biome along with several other additions such as camels, sniffers, archeology, and others. The game developers are constantly adding new regions to the game, although it is almost over a decade old. The new biome update was revealed quite later during the 1.20 update development process.

Mojang took a different approach to development of this update, thus revealing only selective features that were 100% confirmed for the update. However, after the release of biome, several players showered positive comments about the new update.

Cherry Blossom in Minecraft 1.20 update

The location of the biome

When the new update released on 7th June, players can enter the biome world and discover new Cherry Blossom biomes. However, it is one of the most important things to remember that on existing worlds the new biome will not generate in already loaded chunks. Therefore, players must travel far across the land to generate newer chunks and have the opportunity to find the biome.

This brand new beautiful area will be generated above the mountains. Thus it will always be surrounded by meadow biomes. The explorers need to remember that this biome will not generate frequently as it is an uncommon biome.


The latest biome will feature a unique set of vegetation, beginning with the cherry trees. This vegetation will include cherry wood logs as well as cherry leaves. These will be similar to regular oak trees when it comes to the shape and size. However, they will feature more horizontal branching comparatively. But these branches won’t have as much horizontal branching like acacia trees.

The new biome will also grow pink petals above the grass blocks inside the region. Simply break them with anything to obtain these incomplete blocks.

Mob spawning

The most common mobs in Minecraft such as sheep, pigs, rabbits, and bees will spawn in this new region. It is indeed a beautiful and cozy biome, however, the hostile and neutral mobs can also be seen spawn in it. Thus, players are advised to be cautious at night.

Cherry wood set

The cherry wood is a newly introduced brand-new wood set, which allows players to craft almost all kinds of wooden blocks such as planks, stairs, slabs, doors, buttons, etc.

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