Top 5 Scariest Pokedox Pokémon Of All Time

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

The 1997 based animated video series Pokémon Saga has been with us for a lot of years now, and with several titles for sale and several Nintendo Switch’s Pokémon that are constantly growing in number every two or three years at the latest, it is normal that there is enough material for a lot of articles of all kinds, among them, those that exploit the darker side of this nice series whose target is to be the most childish (although in the end, we are the nostalgic fans of thirty-something who spend the most at the checkout). Be that as it may, in this article we want to talk about some pokémon with entries in the Pokédex that, surely, will not leave anyone indifferent.

1- Froslass

Posts to start somewhere, why not by Froslass? The ice-ghost Pokémon has been providing different data in the entries of the Pokédexes of the different generations, although as more information was added, the more gloomy this “Cold Ground Pokémon” seemed to be. In his first appearance, he was said to “Freeze his enemies with an icy breath of 50 degrees below zero. It’s hollow inside.”

The thing about being hollow inside already sounds normal at first, and as for the breath, more information was added, for example: “It is said that it later exposes them”, which later led to “freeze all Pokémon or humans that catch his eye and he takes it to his lair to use as a decorative object. That is to say, what he freezes with his breath are Pokémon, yes, but also humans… and then he exposes those frozen corpses in his lair as decoration. Isn’t this little girl creepy?

Because yes, in addition, she is always female, which helped her to live on the history of the Yuki-Onna, as another entry in the Pokédex indicates: “Legend has it that she is the reincarnation of women who suffered accidents in the snow. She has a predilection for masculine souls.”

2 – Parasect

The well-known “Mushroom Pokémon” of the bug-plant types has been with us since the first generation and, in that same Pokédex, it already describes it as follows: “A pair of parasites in which the mushroom has occupied the bug. They prefer damp places. That is to say, from Pokémon Blue/Pokémon Red we already know that this Pokémon is not an entity of its own, but a parasitized being, similar to those videos that we have all seen on some occasion about ants or snails, which over time inspired The Last of Us and its infected.

Over time, more information was added: “When there is nothing left of the bug, the mushroom on its back releases spores on the bug’s egg.” That is, there comes a point where the parasite takes full control of the host, becoming an empty shell devoid of life. In fact, in that sense it is added: “The big mushroom on his back controls him” and “Most of his body is atrophied.” As if this were not enough, more information is offered in Pokémon Ruby / Pokémon Sapphire: “Parasect is known to destroy large trees in plague, absorbing the nutrients they have in the lower part of the trunk and roots.

When a plague-stricken tree dies, the Parasect go for the next one instantly.” That is to say, this living corpse controlled by the parasite, not content with destroying its host, becomes a voracious destroyer of ecosystems that destroys huge forested areas, robbing all the trees of nutrients.

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3 – Gorebyss

Gorebyss is by far the least threatening Pokémon on the list so far (and will continue to be), as Ghost-types are naturally sinister, and Parasect, with its huge pincers and lifeless eyes, doesn’t inspire much confidence either, but what about this cute pink water pokémon? Well, in principle, we know that it lives “on the seabed” and that, on the other hand, “it is also the definition of cruelty.

Upon detecting its prey, this Pokémon sinks its fine teeth into it and absorbs its bodily fluids.” This Pokémon drains its prey until it leaves an empty shell and “The remains it leaves fall to the seabed and become food for other Pokemon.” It may not be the most disturbing of all, but why didn’t you expect it? Although this is information from the first entry of the Pokédex, it was decided for a long time to “modify” its diet, so that in other Pokédexes you could read “It feeds on seaweed”.

4 – Yamask

Yamask, the spirit Pokémon in the golden mask, is another one of those ghost Pokémon with a terrifying description. In Black and White, the generation in which he first appeared, he was described as follows: “His mask represents the face he had when he was human. Sometimes tears come to his eyes when contemplating her” and “He was Born from the soul of a human buried millennia ago. He still has memories of the past.

In other words, an interesting ban opens here. These pokémon were at some point human beings who, over time, died and were buried and, once the soul separated from the body, resulted in this being that, in addition to preserving the memories of its past life (knowing that will live without being able to change their current situation), to make matters worse, still they have a kind of death mask that resembles their face in life, one more reminder that, apparently, only serves to feed their torment and sadness, making them cry when they see their face and keep their memories in mind. Who said that Pokémon is for children?

5 – Temptercruel

The “Pokémon Medusa” is well known for having been with us since the first generation, and although its external physical appearance (its height, its many tentacles or the red bumps on its head) is already quite impressive per se, here what is interesting is its description from the Pokédex. Although having 80 tentacles, weakening its prey with its powerful venom, or oppressing them with its tentacles until they stop breathing sounds bad enough, the most interesting Pokédex description of this being is the one offered in Pokémon Moon: “Sometimes, the Tentacruel are concentrated in large banks. If that happens, the fish Pokémon around it disappear without a trace.”

In other words, while a group of Parasects is a terrible problem that leads to the environmental destruction of trees, In the case of the Tentacruels, this hard blow is dealt directly to the marine environment, specifically, to the schools of fish, which would undoubtedly be quickly poisoned and, in the case of those that are somewhat larger, suffocated to death and, subsequently, destroyed. be eaten by the Tentacruel.

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And here is this article! We know that there are many more pokémon that could be part of this article. If you liked it, do not hesitate to leave it clear in the comments to show interest in another possible instalment with new protagonists.

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