Super Mario updates its official website after massive success

3 months ago By Ronny Walker

We bring good news about the Super Mario movie, as it seems that its official website has been updated. Here we bring you the details.

It is a video that takes us on a tour of this website, showing us new Easter Eggs and the links to buy it in physical format. This movie and gaming lovers can access the website at this link and see the tour below:

We will have to be attentive to more details, especially after the sequel rumours. Meanwhile,  we remind you of the contents and details of the physical editions of the Mario movie and the digital content they include. 

As it was reported earlier, “The Super Mario Movie ” has now earned $1.314 billion globally, putting it at number 18 in terms of the highest-earning movies of all time. Mario now ranks just ahead of “Frozen” ($1.28 billion) and “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” ($1.31 billion), while coming in just below “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” ($1.334 billion) for the time being. 

They are likely to claim one more spot as Universal and Illumination take on Super Mario Bros Movie and Luigi could get to $1.34 billion, putting it at 17th position. In terms of how high it could potentially climb? The way it is getting the peak numbers it is certainly winding down and overtaking “Black Panther” ($1.349 billion) to secure the 15th spot doesn’t seem impossible.

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Chris Pratt spoke on Super Mario 2

In a sit-down with in a recent interview, Pratt shared the news that a sequel to the film will be announced “soon” once the writers’ strike has concluded. The 43-year-old star actor adds that it was “really shocking to me how successful that Super Mario movie has been.”

“We’re in the middle of this writer’s strike, so everything has been stopped and [put] on hiatus for the right reasons,” reckoned Pratt. “I support the WGA and our writers. When the negotiations are complete and the writers feel comfortable moving forward, it will be time to start talking about what’s next, said the Guardians of the Galaxy star.

What is Super Mario Movie?

Super Mario Bros. The Movie is a great animated film for the whole family, hilarious, spectacular and with an almost frantic pace, but very well measured. It is a work that reintroduces us to characters we have known for decades, recognizable, but with a personality that makes them inseparable from their actors.

Super Mario is a movie that has kept us smiling in the cinema for 1 hour 33 minutes. It is also a production that overflows with affection for this movie and for what it has meant, which will make us remember moments that we have spent with the plumber, alone or accompanied, by friends or family, two weeks ago or 10 years ago.

The animated movie has already hit $1.314 billion globally and it reminds us that this immortal character has made us happy all our lives and that he will do so for a long time to come”, we will reflect more in the upcoming edition.

What do you think about it? We will continue to report on the Super Mario movie, especially with a view to its release outside theatres!

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