Super Mario RPG Remake: Expected Release Date, Price, Link, Offers And More

8 months ago By AI Smith

During the last Nintendo Direct, several interesting surprises were announced, most of them related to the Super Mario universe: Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Super Mario RPG, a new video game starring Princess Peach and, finally, a remastering of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (Luigi’s Mansion 2) for Nintendo Switch (originally released on Nintendo 3DS).

As you know, many fans demanded the return of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the Super Nintendo game that conquered the general public at the time, more than 20 years ago… And well, as the very own says Nintendo in the first sentence of the official page dedicated to the game: ” Wishes come true in Super Mario RPG for Nintendo Switch !”

Presentation trailer and official eShop page

At the moment and as with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, there is only one official trailer for the game, the one that was shown during the Nintendo Direct which, with a duration of just over two minutes, can be seen under this same line:

Likewise, this remake of Super Mario RPG has its active page through the Nintendo website, as usual. It is the usual information that one would expect to find, from a brief description of the game to a gallery of images and various features.

Release date, price, download size and reservations

Super Mario RPG will arrive throughout this year, as will Super Mario Bros. Wonder (of course we cannot complain), since Nintendo confirmed that the release date of the expected remake will be November 17, 2023, that is, the month after the release of the new plumber platform game. There will be a digital release and a physical version, but as with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, for now, there is not much more announced, neither a collector’s edition, nor a special edition command, nor anything to commemorate this long-awaited return.

Again and as in the Super Mario Bros. Wonder article, we relive the same phenomenon already seen. While the official price marked by La Gran N is €59.99 in digital format, which in turn is respected in the physical versions of the Nintendo Store or GAME itself, other retail chains such as Carrefour or MediaMarkt are kind enough to do making life easier for the user by adjusting their margins and thus allowing, at this time, it is possible to reserve this same title for €46.99. 

Curiously, for the moment and despite boasting of always having the lowest prices, Amazon (add affiliate link, we don’t have it) remains at full price, although it is most likely that, over time, they will decide to match it down. In any case, you already know that Amazon does not charge anything for reservations, so if you decided not to download it, you could always easily cancel. As a climax, for those who want to opt for the digital version, you better prepare some space on your micro SD, since its download size is 8 GB (almost double that of Super Mario Bros. Wonder).

Super Mario RPG begins like any other game in the franchise, with Bowser who, neither short nor lazy, launches again to try to kidnap Princess Peach who, oblivious to danger, was calmly relaxing next to some flowers. Mario, who hears the ruckus, goes out once again to help the princess until he reaches Bowser’s Castle, where the plumber meets the villain… But suddenly, something changes the classic story. Exor, a great sword that falls from the sky, destroys the Star Road and spreads the stars across the world, while the impact separates all the characters. Without wishing to extend ourselves any further and to summarize, Mario now has a series of problems that add to the failed rescue of Peach in a world that is now turned upside down. Will he and his merry troupe manage to fix it?

Story & GamePlay

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It is expected, based on the information provided by Nintendo so far, that the gameplay remains similar or identical to the original, perhaps adding some Quality of Life element to improve or speed up the experience. So, and for those who don’t know what to expect, this is a turn-based role-playing game in which you have to correctly synchronize the pressing of a button, either during an attack or when you are being attacked, being able to activate an action command to get more effects. This simple formula manages to keep you more involved in combat than if you had opted for the classic system of pressing command and just waiting. Leaving the fighting aside, the other playable aspect will take us to explore the overworld as Mario, collecting items, exploring towns and jumping on enemies to get the upper hand before the fighting starts.


Originally, the game in its Super Nintendo version made available to the player a total of five characters that would make up their group, and from what could be seen in the trailer shown during the reveal of this remake, all these characters are returning. Likewise, you will only be able to use three of the five members during the combats and, from the information revealed so far, nothing indicates that there will be modifications in this regard, or that new playable characters will be added. The characters are:





Princess peach 

What’s new in the remake 

In principle, and based on the official information and what was seen in the trailer, it seems that the improvements in this remake will be focused to a large extent on the visual plane, that is, on improving the cinematics and giving it a nice facelift. the graphics to make them more attractive for tuning on Nintendo Switch. This is what Nintendo explains on the game page:

This role-playing game features updated cinematics and graphics that add much more charm to the unexpected alliance between Mario, Bowser, Peach and the original characters Mallow and Geno!

And here is this article! Well, the truth is that there is not much more to tell at the moment. If you want to know more about Super Mario RPG, do not hesitate to click this link.

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