ROG Academy Season 8: Back To CS GO Basics, Records, Success, Opportunities And More

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

The ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has officially announced the return of its highly-anticipated ROG Academy for the 8th season. After the successful seasons of VALORANT, ROG Academy is now going back to its roots, focusing on the iconic game that kickstarted this esteemed program, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). 

Themed around #backtobasics, ROG Academy aims to provide budding CS:GO enthusiasts with an extraordinary opportunity to turn their passion for gaming into a professional gaming career. ASUS believes in India’s immense potential to embrace and popularize CS GO, evident from the escalating interest and participation in the competitive scene and the emergence of substantial prize pool tournaments hosted by various organizers.

ROG Academy Season 8: Registration and Application Process

The registrations for ROG Academy Season 8 will commence on Wednesday, 19th July. Enthusiasts and aspiring gamers aged 16 and above can apply through the Official ROG Website. The application process requires applicants to answer key questions to help ASUS identify each individual’s gaming style, ensuring the perfect fit for the program.

Arnold Su, Vice President, Consumer and Gaming PC, System Business Group, ASUS India, expressed his enthusiasm about the announcement, saying, “With the return of ROG Academy for its 8th season, ASUS ROG reaffirms its commitment to nurturing and elevating the gaming ecosystem in India. As the leading gaming laptop brand, ASUS aims to provide the best resources, mentorship, and training to the next generation of talented gamers, empowering them to shine on the global esports stage.

ROG Academy Season 8: How to Apply?

Aspiring gamers aged 16 and above can register on the Official ROG Website starting from 19th July to become part of this incredible journey. For participants aged between 16 to 18, a consent letter from their parents is mandatory for their participation in the academy.

ROG Academy Season 8: Selection Process

The selection process comprises multiple stages to identify the most suitable candidates:

  • Application Test: All applicants fill out a form that evaluates their understanding of the game, their role, and in-game behaviour.
  • Theory Test: Assessing situational awareness and decision-making by putting the players in tough scenarios.
  • Range Test: Testing players’ shooting skills through multiple challenging scenarios.
  • Scrims: Monitoring gameplay and communication to determine the best fit for each role.

A Record of Success:

Past seasons of ROG Academy have witnessed overwhelming success, with over 13,000 registrations received. Notably, the Academy has nurtured and elevated 42 players to the professional level, where they have showcased their skills and capabilities. Six ex-academy players secured placements in Tier 1 and Tier 2 organizations, competing in prestigious events like VCL SA 2023.

ROG Academy Season 8: Learning experience 

Continuing the tradition of enhancing the learning experience, ROG Academy Season 8 will invite esteemed guests from the esports industry. Previous seasons had the privilege of hosting distinguished figures like Bhavin “HellRanger” Kotwani, former IGL of Global Esports, and Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose, the current IGL of Orangutan, winners of VCLSA 2023. These seasoned professionals provided valuable insights and advice to the participants, inspiring and igniting their passion for gaming.

ROG Academy Season 8: Curriculum and Duration

The year-long program, ASUS ROG Academy Season 8, is designed to establish and develop the esports community in India. The curriculum for this season is developed in collaboration with AFK Gaming, one of India’s most recognized tournament organizers.

The shortlisted teams and players will undergo a rigorous selection process, divided into multiple phases. The journey culminates in six chosen players embarking on a 6-month-long program. This program is strategically designed to familiarize players with various aspects of gameplay at eminent levels. 

Participants will master crucial techniques such as teamwork, communication, analyzing opponents, tracking improvement, weapon selection, honing skillsets, map breakdown, tactical execution, and more. The program’s exercises, schedule, and structure will be tailored to the title and existing skillsets of the participants.

ROG Academy Season 8: Rewards and Outcomes

In ROG Academy Season 8, “CS:GO” will take center stage, and the mission to discover India’s most talented players continues. The panelists will consist of a representative from ASUS ROG and an experienced coach. Selected players will receive a monthly stipend of INR 15,000 and be equipped with the latest ROG gears, including laptops, monitors, headphones, keyboards, etc., to facilitate their training.

The return of ROG Academy for its 8th season is a testament to ASUS’s dedication to nurturing and strengthening the gaming ecosystem in India. With an impressive track record of grooming players for professional esports and continued support from experienced professionals, ROG Academy Season 8 promises an unparalleled journey for aspiring CS:GO enthusiasts. 

As registrations open on 19th July, the upcoming season will ignite the spirit of esports in India, offering unparalleled opportunities for the next generation of talented gamers to shine on the global stage. The quest to unlock India’s gaming potential begins anew, and the future looks bright for ROG Academy Season 8.

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