Will One Punch: World Use The Same Characters As Manga?

1 months ago By AI Smith

One Punch Man, the globally acclaimed anime series, has enthralled audiences worldwide with its iconic protagonist, Saitama. The series is well-known for its humor, action, and, of course, Saitama’s unparalleled strength. To further expand the reach and appeal of this beloved franchise, a new mobile game, One Punch Man World, is in the works. Developed by T3 Studio and published by Perfect World Games, this game has already generated substantial excitement among fans. In this article, we’ll delve into what we know about One Punch Man World and its characters, story, and gameplay.

Playable Characters

One of the key elements that make One Punch Man World intriguing is its roster of playable characters. At the outset, the game will feature eight characters, including the series’ protagonist, Saitama, and other fan favorites like Genos, Atomic Samurai, Speed-o-Sound Sonic, Mumen Rider, Puri Puri Prisoner, Golden Ball, and Lightning Max. However, it’s important to note that more characters may be added in the future. This means fans can eagerly anticipate the inclusion of their favorite heroes and villains.

One Punch: World Characters From Manga

  • Saitama: The protagonist of One Punch Man, Saitama, is known for his almost comically overwhelming strength. As a hero for fun, he seeks a worthy adversary to challenge him, but his unmatched power makes battles short-lived.
  • Genos: Genos, also known as “Demon Cyborg,” is a powerful and highly skilled hero. He’s part of the Hero Association and seeks to avenge the destruction of his hometown by the cyborg, Mosquito Girl.
  • Atomic Samurai: This seasoned hero is a master of the Iaido style of swordsmanship. His speed and precision make him a formidable force, and he’s a valuable asset to the Hero Association.
  • Speed-o-Sound Sonic: Sonic is a highly agile ninja who considers Saitama his rival. He’s known for his incredible speed and proficiency in various ninja techniques.
  • Mumen Rider: In a world filled with superhuman abilities, Mumen Rider stands out as a hero who relies on sheer determination and his trusty bicycle. His unwavering commitment to justice makes him a fan favorite.
  • Puri Puri Prisoner: Puri Puri Prisoner is a flamboyant and muscular hero who possesses immense strength and a penchant for admiration. He fights for justice and isn’t shy about his love for other men.
  • Golden Ball: A skilled marksman with a passion for weapons, Golden Ball uses his extraordinary marksmanship to eliminate threats. He’s a valuable addition to the Hero Association’s ranks.
  • Lightning Max: Known for his agility and speed, Lightning Max is a hero specializing in aerial combat. He’s skilled at taking down enemies from above, making him a key asset in the battle against villains.

The Story

The game’s storyline seems to align with the events of the first season of the One Punch Man anime. This is exciting news for fans, as the first season offered thrilling battles and emotional moments. Players will have the opportunity to step into Saitama’s shoes and experience the adrenaline of battling a variety of monsters. Furthermore, the game might also explore the deeper themes of heroism and justice, mirroring the anime’s narrative. With an open-world environment, players can take control of a hero and embark on thrilling adventures.

What to Expect

While detailed information about the game remains limited at this time, the available trailers suggest that One Punch Man World will deliver the high-octane action fans desire in a superhero game. Players can anticipate teaming up with others to face formidable opponents, exploring a dynamic open world, and tackling side missions for extra rewards. The in-game screenshots featured on the official website depict battles against iconic monsters like Carnage Kabuto, the Deep Sea King, and the Beast King, offering players an exciting glimpse into what’s to come.

One Punch Man World: Closed Beta, Platforms, Gameplay, Characters, Trailer

One Punch Man World, developed by T3 Studio, an affiliate of Perfect World Games, promises to bring the action-packed world of the anime to life. The closed beta release is scheduled for October 18, and players across Southeast Asia can look forward to an epic journey alongside their favorite characters. The game seeks to faithfully recreate the anime’s essence, offering players encounters with iconic heroes and formidable monsters. Each character’s unique personality is explored in-depth, allowing players to relive the moments that made the anime such a sensation.

Gameplay in One Punch Man World

The game promises to revolutionize combat by tailoring skill modules to each character’s fighting style. Players will need to execute precise defensive maneuvers and unleash powerful combos, ensuring a seamless and thrilling gaming experience. The pursuit skills and attack mechanics immerse players in the world of the anime, providing a palpable sense of power and intensity. Players can take their chosen characters into battle against series’ villains, such as Subterranean King, Mosquito Girl, and Beast King, all while exploring the city streets for hidden gems and references from the show.

Release Date and Platforms

One Punch Man World will be available on both mobile and PC platforms, ensuring accessibility to a wide audience. While there’s no confirmed release date as of now, players can expect updates and information following the conclusion of the closed beta test.

Final Thoughts

One Punch Man World holds immense promise for fans of the series, offering a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Saitama, Genos, and the rest of the heroic cast. With its exciting characters, faithful storyline adaptation, and dynamic gameplay, this game has the potential to become a hit among fans and gamers alike. Stay tuned for further updates as we anticipate the release of One Punch Man World.

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