Pokémon Sleep: How To Play Game While Sleeping, Steps, Process, Guide & More

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

The past Pokémon Presents left a good handful of news for fans of the iconic saga of pocket monsters. And it is one of them was the presentation of the unexpected Pokémon Sleep. Until then, The gaming community had done nothing more than share characteristics about this curious proposal that mixes the capture of specimens with the simple act of sleeping, and the Japanese are now back on the attack, launching their particular proposal in Europe by surprise.

In this way, any user with a mobile device can download this application and turn their hours of sleep into a constant hunt for Pokémon. Now, how does this game work? According to previously shared information, Pokemon Sleep tries to attract the greatest number of copies with the help of Snorlax, the main creature in the delivery and completes our DormiDex with images of sleeping pocket monsters in different poses.

The player, for its part, only has to sleep to achieve this objective. This game has a series of parameters that record the player’s sleep, including sleeping hours and noises made during the night, and uses these results to provoke the appearance of new specimens to collect. The better the user’s habits, the more pocket monsters will appear in the title. It spent seven years trying to get back to the top and was about to give up, but now it pulled off the most unlikely win in Pokémon history.

How does the Game record sleep?

To carry out these records, Pokémon Sleep requires you to sleep next to your mobile or Pokémon GO+ accessory, which must be placed on top of your pillow. In this way, the application is capable of internalizing the sleep pattern of the players and, therefore, executing a game experience where collecting, as usual in the saga, is at the center.

Although Pokémon Sleep can only be played with a mobile device, The Pokémon Company will also put on sale a new accessory that can be used to measure sleep instead of our smartphone: it is Pokémon GO Plus +, which will reach the European market something later than the game (specifically on Friday, July 21 ). The device is also compatible with Pokémon GO and can connect with both titles to get rewards and bonuses, such as a Pikachu with a nightcap for Pokémon Sleep or a special investigation of Pokémon GO in which you can find a Snorlax with a nightcap.

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When does Pokémon Sleep come out?

The Pokémon Company has confirmed that Pokémon slept during the summer of 2023. The game has already been available in New Zealand since July 16, and it is expected to reach many more regions in the coming weeks.

There is no way to know or predict when the game will be released in all regions. The Pokémon Company and Nintendo are usually very cautious with their mobile releases, so their games are first tested before officially coming out. We probably won’t have to wait long for an app as quiet as Pokémon Sleep, although this will vary from region to region. The good news is that the beta version of Pokémon Sleep is already available in some countries, and support will be extended to more territory as it has been doing in recent days.

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