Pokémon Go June 2023: Top 5 Cheat Codes, key players and more

3 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Pokemon Go, one of Nintendo’s most famous and loved games, challenges its players on every level. Players are expected to get out into the world, and capture various tiny pocket monsters with the help of their mobile phones. The game can get extremely competitive urging players to climb up the levels as soon as possible. 

Amidst such competition, cheat codes can come handy helping gamers stay ahead. Be it capturing a Pokemon that is not located in your geographical region or waiting for an event to complete, Pokemon Go promo codes can help you get past every hurdle. 

Here are 5 Pokemon go codes that will make your life easier:

Location Spoofing

Although going outside and capturing Pokemon is fun, sometimes going outside seems like a task. Here you can use location Spoofing by faking your location. Using a fake GPS app to spoof your location you can easily move around the virtual world faster. This cheat code tricks the game’s location tracker enabling players to move around the region without actually moving around.

Finding Hidden Stats

You’re main aim in the game is to catch all the Pokemons. However several times you have to sacrifice some of them. Some Pokémon feature high HP and CP but low IV. IV numbers help understand how the Pokémon will evolve. There are several IV calculating apps that you can use.

Increase Speed

If you love to explore more areas of the game, then you should use an increased speed cheat code. To do so, simply modify your GPS settings or if you’re playing on your PC, use Shift to run faster. By using this cheat code you can explore more areas in the game which you would have not been able to.

Perfect Throw Hack

This trick allows you to improve your Pokemon-catching abilities. This can be used by entering a specific code that allows you to throw PokeBalls with precision, thus bettering your odds of capturing Pokemon. After you’ve learnt how to throw Poke Balls accurately, catching Pokemons becomes easy.

Fast Catching 

With the Fast Catch cheat code in Pokemon, you can catch Pokemons faster by skipping a few game features. To use this, hold your thumb on the PokeBall and swipe it in the direction of the Pokemon.  Without lifting the finger, click on the Pokemon when it shows up. If your throw catches the Pokemon successfully, you can then save time by slide the PokeBall to the item bag.

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