Who and What is Rotsplinter? How to find and defeat it in Diablo IV, Problems and Solutions

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

It takes a very concrete type of person to take on Diablo IV’s hardcore mode. If death and being in constant tension bother you, the most demanding mode of the new Blizzard is not for you. If you are one of those brave ones, We have a warning for you: beware of the Rotsplinter! But who is this enemy and why are we dedicating an article to it?

And it is that with the hardcore mode, dying is the end. You lose your character and he’s done, it’s over. If you want to continue with your adventure, it’s time to start over and move on. Any encounter with an enemy can be the last for your character if you are not prepared, and Rotsplinter is a clear example of how bad luck can bring you an unexpected period and end in the blink of an eye.

If you head over to one of Diablo‘s subreddits, the warning is clear “Hardcore gamers beware!” says Tbigbadmonkey, who watched as his level 100 barbarian was wiped out by this potent foe in one hit. “15K HP, 7K shields, 9K armour and 90% damage reduction, […] and this is what kills me,” he says. He points out that, in addition, he was playing in WT1.

With over 200 comments and almost 800 upvotes, it seems this player is not alone in this. The comments also seem to have spread to Twitter. Of course, here is a trick. Although it seems that Rotsplinter kills you with a single blow, the reality is different.

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Located near Menestad, Rotsplinter, far from killing you in one hit, summons a small army of spiders with a very little amount of HP. Upon death, they explode dealing damage around them, and killing them in groups can quickly lead to your death in the blink of an eye. Beware of crowd control!

Diablo 4 will fix its biggest problem with hardcore mode

Surely you’ve already seen more than one Diablo IV player complain about losing their character due to a disconnection, and Blizzard wants that to never happen again. If you shake every time you have a bit of lag, don’t worry! The game developers have already said how they are going to fix this unfortunate Bug.

As reported by Blizzard in a press release last week, Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo IV has surpassed the barrier of $666 million in the five days of launch. These incomes have also been thanks to microtransactions, which have been the subject of controversy since some cosmetics cost up to 25 euros in Diablo 4.

The company has also shared other statistics that show the great reception of the game. In this way, 276 million hours have been exceeded and players have killed 276,000 million demons. However, users have also died 316 million times. The true heroes of the community have been the 163 people who have reached the maximum level in Hardcore Mode, that is, permanent death where you lose all your character, time and objects.

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