French Side PSG Announces Dota 2 Collaboration With Quest Esports, Creates PSG Quest

1 months ago By Randell Jhonson

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has taken a major step into the esports world with its latest collaboration in the world of Dota 2. PSG has partnered with Quest Esports to create a formidable Dota 2 team, named PSG Quest. This collaboration marks a strategic move by PSG Esports to establish a prominent presence in the rapidly growing esports industry.

The PSG and LGD Gaming Partnership

The partnership with Quest Esports comes shortly after PSG’s parting of ways with LGD Gaming, which brought an end to the PSG.LGD brand. The Chinese organization initially teamed up with PSG in 2018, but as their partnership ran its course, both parties decided not to extend it further. This decision paved the way for PSG to explore new esports ventures, and Quest Esports emerged as a promising partner.

Quest Esports: A Rising Esports Organization

Quest Esports, headquartered in Qatar and Turkey, is widely recognized for its competitive Dota 2 team. However, the organization’s involvement in esports goes beyond professional gaming, as it actively participates in the grassroots esports scene in Qatar. Moreover, Quest Esports boasts a roster of influencers and operates educational programs for content creation and esports. With an array of high-profile partnerships, including the Qatar Football Federation, Amazon, Shelter Group, and Dell, Quest Esports is a dynamic player in the esports ecosystem.

PSG’s Strong Ties to Qatar

Paris Saint-Germain’s partnership with Quest Esports aligns well with the club’s notable ties to the State of Qatar. In 2011, Qatar Sports Investments, a subsidiary of the Qatar Investment Authority, acquired PSG. This acquisition laid the foundation for PSG’s successful ventures into sports and beyond.

Collaborative Approach and Previous Partnerships

While specific details about the partnership remain limited, it is anticipated that PSG will follow a similar approach to its previous collaborations in the esports world. This typically involves PSG lending its iconic name and branding to the esports team while providing financial support. In contrast, Quest Gaming, with its esports expertise, will manage the team’s operations efficiently.

Apart from its Dota 2 venture with Quest Esports, PSG has also forged collaborations with other esports organizations in different games. These include Talon Esports in League of Legends and Tundra Esports in Rocket League. PSG’s strategic approach to these partnerships is aimed at building a network of competitive teams that represent the club’s values and aspirations in the esports industry.

PSG Quest’s Home Base: The PSG Studio

PSG Quest will utilise the PSG Studio located in the club’s headquarters in the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt. The squad will have access to all the tools they need at this cutting-edge facility to succeed in the Dota 2 professional arena. The PSG Studio is evidence of PSG’s dedication to encouraging excellence and development in esports.

Sharing the excitement of this partnership, Fabien Allègre, PSG’s Chief Brand Officer, said, “We are delighted to announce an exciting new Esports adventure for Paris Saint-Germain. It gives us great pride today to be unveiling our Dota 2 team PSG Quest, which will wear the club’s colors with distinction in the biggest gaming competitions.

Furthermore, Allègre emphasized PSG’s ambition to break into the global esports elite and continue entertaining and captivating audiences that extend beyond traditional football fans. PSG Quest represents an essential part of this strategy.

The collaboration between Paris Saint-Germain and Quest Esports to create PSG Quest is a significant development in the esports world. PSG’s entry into Dota 2 through this partnership opens up exciting possibilities for both the club and esports enthusiasts. As PSG Quest makes its debut at The International, it carries with it the rich legacy and aspirations of both organizations.

Partnerships like this one between PSG and Quest Esports underscore the growing importance of competitive gaming in the world of sports and entertainment as esports continues to thrive on a worldwide scale. 

PSG’s dedication to esports aims to highlight the potential of the sector and the club’s ambition to take the lead in the sector as it changes. PSG Quest is anticipated to be a major player in the Dota 2 arena and a point of pride for Paris Saint-Germain supporters everywhere.

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