NBA 2K23 trailer, release date out, changes, rewards, token: All you need to know

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

We get another good news again about this outstanding Nintendo Switch game before the start of July 2023. They have been shared recently and they focus on NBA 2K23, which is out now on the hybrid console. Specifically, we have been able to learn that the title has received a new trailer that celebrates the arrival of season 8, scheduled for June 30 on Friday.

If you are a fan of basketball, you probably know about NBA 2K games. So, it’s been almost a month since season 7 was released in NBA 2K23, and players are shoving into all of its content. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t excited to find out about the upcoming season. Since you clicked on this article, we assume that you too are looking for some details about NBA 2K23 Season 8. Well, your search is over because, in this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the NBA 2K23 Season 8 release date.

NBA 2K23 launched in September 2022 and since then it has managed to hook its players with the new seasons at regular intervals. A new season brings new content, items, and in-game events that keep players coming back for more. As such, there is always a lot of anticipation surrounding the upcoming season. With that being said, let’s see when NBA 2K23 Season 8 will be released.

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NBA 2K23 Season 8 Release Date: When will it be out?

Before we get into the details of Season 8, let’s quickly recap Season 7 and some of the changes it brought to the game. As you may already know, in NBA 2K23 MyTeam Season 7, there are several new additions and updates. Here’s a breakdown of the highlights:

Season 7 Details

Mascots – New mascots are introduced to the game with the release of Season 7, including the Affiliation Mascot (Tier 30), the NASA Race Suit (Tier 37), and the NBA Mascot Outfit (Tier 40).

New Cards – The season introduces several new player cards, such as Galaxy Opal Josh Giddey, Dark Matter Victor Oladipo, and Invincible Zion Williamson.

Seasonal Rewards – As you progress through the season, you can earn rewards like Hall of Fame Badge Option Packs, All-Time Deluxe Packs, Dark Matter cards like Jerami Grant, and much more.

Game Mode Rewards (Clutch Time) – There are also updates to the game modes. Offline challenges (Clutch Time) offer rewards like John Havlicek, Markelle Fultz, Galaxy Opal DeMarcus and more based on the number of wins. 100 Clutch Time wins will reward players with the Dark Matter John Havlicek card.

Token Market – The Token Market includes three Dark Matter cards, including James Worthy, Derrick Rose, and Grant Hill, available for 250 tokens each.

Bundle Changes – Bundles have become cheaper, with a single bundle costing 10,500 MT and 7,500 VC and a 20-pack box costing 135,000 MT. The chances of drawing high-tier cards have also improved, with a 5% chance for Dark Matter, a 27% chance for Galaxy Opal, and a 38% chance for Pink Diamond.

The list goes on, but the ones mentioned above were some of the highlights of Season 7. With that out of the way, let’s see when the next season will be released.

Season 8 (speculation)

As of this writing, we have an official date for when Season 8 will be released in NBA 2K23 on Friday. If we go to check the official Twitter handle of NBA 2K Games. We also see an new update about Season 8. But luckily, from previous trends, what we have found is that each season in NBA 2K23 lasts about 6 weeks. If that continues, we can expect NBA 2K23 Season 8 to launch on June 30, 2023, considering that Season 7 premiered on May 19.

But this remains speculation, and until we have official confirmation, take that information with a grain of salt. As for the contents of Season 8, we do not have many details about it either. However, we will update this article once we get them. Anyway, that is all the information we have to share regarding the NBA 2K23 Season 8 release date.

In Season 8 of 2K23, players can close out the year by making their mark in “The City” (Next Generation) and the “GOAT Boat” (Current Generation), earning exclusive content and rewards. Whether inspired by the Phoenix Suns’ Durant’s successful run or Booker’s offensive prowess, players can show off their skill and compete for prizes.

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