BGMI Nusa Map 2023: How To Win More Matches?

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

The return of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) welcomed a new update. Among the various new things in this update is a brand-new map called Nus. It appears like a Mediterranean island and is the smallest map in BGMI. Winning matches on Nusa can help you earn more points and rank higher. 

If you want to win matches on this small, yet interesting map, read on!

How To Win Matches On BGMI Nusa Map 2023?

Master the fastest landing technique

The Nusa map is based on the dimension of 1×1 KM. This means its plane is comparatively lower than the other maps. Most of the towns in this map are hotdrops, players can master the skills of fastest landing. This can help you get more kills and thus survive the initial stages. This in turn increases your chances of winning more matches.

Choose a drop location that is close to the plane path and once the place is a distance close to 375 meters, dive down at full speed. Maintain your speed until the parachute opens after a few seconds.

Use new weapons – NS2000 and Tactical Crossbow 

The weapons like NS2000 and Tactical Crossbow are extremely powerful. NS2000 is a convertible shotgun that can fire nine pellets without ADS. It can fire a single powerful bullet when scoped in. This single bullet is powerful enough to knock down an opponent wearing a Spetsnaz helmet.

Similarly, the Tactical Crossbow, which made its way into BGMI after the release of the 2.5 update, has the capacity to fire flames to cause additional damage to opponents. It can fire arrows upto 300 meters. Using these weapons on the Nusa map to get more kills you can win matches. 

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Use Ziplines for transportation

Ziplines are commonly used on the Livik 2.0 map. However, there are greater number of Ziplines on the Nusa map. Use these ziplines to move from one place to another with ease. This can help you survive longer during a match.

Use Auto Recall 

Auto Recall was one of the most successful features in the Spider-Man and Jujutsu Kaisen modes in PUBG Mobile, and was later added to the new Nusa map in the 2.2 update. Since Nusa map is now introduced in BGMI, you can use it to win more matches. 

Players who land in hot drops and are defeated early in the game will be able to see a helicopter symbol beside their names. These players are then automatically placed in an army helicopter and moved to the place they were initially finished.

Obtain Level 3 supplies

The Nusa map features a new and unique type of special bots called Mecha Soldiers. These bots are available exclusively on the seventh floor of the tall buildings in the south-eastern city of Telepak Town.

Players can take the elevator to reach the seventh floor. There you must  defeat Mecha Soldiers and obtain the Level 3 supplies from them. But remember, your kill count won’t increase by killing these Mecha Soldiers.

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