LoL: Who Is Briar? Her Role, Strength & Weaknesses, Skills, Abilities

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

League of Legends is about to welcome its 164th champion, Briar, a bloodthirsty vampire hailing from the dark region of Noxus. As a Diver/Skirmisher champion, Briar’s arrival brings a unique playstyle centered around her insatiable hunger and feral instincts. 

In this article, know the details of who Briar is, her role on the LoL battlefield, her strengths and weaknesses, as well as her skills and abilities that will make her a force to be reckoned with.

Who is Briar?

Briar is a Noxian vampire, embodying the savage and uncontrolled appetite commonly associated with her kind. Her lore indicates a connection to the emergence of Naafiri, the darkin assassin, and Riot Games’ desire to incorporate mechanisms that reflect Briar’s “fervent hunger.” 

Although the hunger mechanic didn’t make it into Naafiri’s design, Riot’s head champion designer, August, recognized its potential and repurposed it for Briar, bringing her to life as a fearsome champion.

Briar Role:

Briar is classified as a Diver/Skirmisher champion, indicating her ability to excel in close-quarters combat and engage high-value targets. With her vampiric nature and hunger-driven playstyle, Briar is designed to be a high-impact champion, relying on bursts of aggression and sustained assaults to dominate the battlefield.

Briar Strengths:

  • Feral Burst: Briar possesses the ability to unleash devastating bursts of damage, making her a threat to squishy targets and low-health enemies. Her skills and abilities are likely to amplify her offensive potential, allowing her to quickly eliminate foes who dare to stand in her way.
  • Sustained Engagement: As a vampire, Briar’s hunger fuels her abilities to sustain herself during prolonged fights. Expect her to have mechanisms in place that allow her to regain health or resource-based advantages by preying upon her enemies.
  • Primal Instincts: Briar’s feral nature grants her heightened reflexes and agility, making her a formidable opponent in duels and skirmishes. Her kit will likely include tools to enhance her mobility, allowing her to quickly close gaps and chase down her targets.

Briar Weaknesses:

  • Vulnerability to Crowd Control: Given her aggressive playstyle, Briar might be susceptible to crowd control effects that hinder her mobility and limit her ability to unleash her devastating assaults. Properly timed stuns, silences, or immobilizations can give opponents the upper hand against her.
  • Hunger Management: Briar’s uncontrolled appetite could potentially become a weakness if not properly managed. It is plausible that she might have limited sustain options when her hunger is not satiated, making resource management a crucial aspect of playing her effectively.

Briar Skills and Abilities

While exact details of Briar’s skills and abilities have yet to be unveiled, we can make some educated guesses based on her lore and thematic elements. Here are some potential abilities she may possess:

  • Bloodlust Surge: Briar taps into her vampiric instincts, enhancing her attack speed and damage for a brief period. This ability could provide a burst of power during engagements.
  • Sanguine Embrace: Briar drains the life force of her enemies, healing herself based on the damage dealt. This skill could grant her sustain and survivability in extended fights.
  • Shadow Leap: Briar rapidly traverses the battlefield, leaping toward a targeted enemy champion or location. This ability allows her to close gaps and initiate combat with precision.
  • Ravenous Assault: Briar enters a frenzied state, unleashing a flurry of devastating attacks on her enemies. This ultimate ability could deal massive damage and potentially grant additional bonuses based on her current hunger level.

Briar, the Hangry (Hungry+Angry) Vampire of Noxus, is set to make her mark on the Fields of Justice in League of Legends. With her insatiable hunger and feral nature, Briar brings a unique playstyle that focuses on aggressive bursts of damage, sustained engagements, and predatory maneuvers. 

While her exact skills and abilities remain shrouded in mystery, anticipation for her arrival continues to grow among fans of the game. Prepare to embrace the darkness and witness the ferocious power of Briar as she claims her rightful place among the champions of League of Legends.

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