Diablo IV: How To Use Reborn Feature? Steps Guide & More

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

Adam Fletcher, Director of Global Community, says that the possibility of implementing this option in Diablo III before the arrival of the first season of Diablo 4 is being studied.

Diablo 4 is probably the most complete instalment of the saga that Blizzard has released to date, although this does not mean that it includes all the elements of its predecessors. We talked, for example, about the Reborn option in Diablo III, which allowed players to carry over their characters from the base game to the content of the seasons. This really useful feature that allowed players to keep their character and therefore not have to create another one is not available in Diablo IV, although this could change due to user requests and insistence.

As per reports, Adam Fletcher, Director of the Global Community of the saga, has commented in a new publication through his personal Twitter profile that Blizzard is evaluating the possibility of adding the Reborn option for the first time.

Diablo 4 season, which will be released later this month. It is important to emphasize that the fact that the company is studying the possibility of implementing this option in Diablo 4 does not mean that it will be added, although at least it shows that the proposals are taken into account.

Is the new instalment of Diablo worth it?

“Diablo 4 does not renounce that gloomy, dark and bloody tone that the saga should never have abandoned, without giving up raw images, a mature campaign that will accompany us for about 25 hours to which more must be added, many more thanks to the content secondary, to all the possibilities that the end game gives us, to the PVP and, in the future, to the seasons with new content that will have us trapped in the Eternal War of Sanctuary.

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On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about the store, there are micropayments and they are not cheap but they are only aesthetic elements for our characters and do not affect the gameplay. In addition, the launch at the connectivity level has been without serious incidents and at the performance level the title arrives very polished on PC and with such interesting functions as progression and cross-play,” we concluded in our analysis.

Diablo IV Success

As reported by Blizzard in a press release last Month in June, Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo IV has surpassed the barrier of $666 million in the initial five days of launch. These incomes have also been thanks to microtransactions, which have been the subject of controversy since some cosmetics cost up to 25 euros in Diablo 4.

The company has also shared other statistics that show the great reception of the game. In this way, 276 million hours have been exceeded and players have killed 276,000 million demons. However, users have also died 316 million times. The true heroes of the community have been the 163 people who have reached the maximum level in Hardcore Mode, that is, permanent death where you lose all your character, time and objects.

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