How To Redeem Codes For This Sunday And Win Rewards In Free Fire – 15th October 2023

1 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

For Android and iOS, Garena developed and released the free-to-play battle royale game Free Fire. The publication date was December 8, 2017. With over a billion downloads on the Google Play store, it rose to the top of the worldwide mobile game download charts in 2019. It was the most grossing mobile game in the United States during the first quarter of 2021. Its lifetime revenue topped $1 billion in November 2019. Free Fire had more than 150 million active users per day as of 2021.

There are two primary game types in the game: Clash Squad and Battle Royale. Fifty players are thrown onto an island in Battle Royale, and their goal is to battle their way to the top. In the team-based game Clash Squad, two groups of four players compete against one another in a best-of-five battle. Players can employ a variety of vehicles, weapons, and equipment in Free Fire in order to survive. A system of playable characters with special abilities is also included in the game.

In Free Fire, users maneuver their characters using a joystick while controlling them in third-person. They can shoot and toss objects with the fire button. The figure is able to hop, crawl, and lay down, among other movements. In order to shield themselves from damage, players can use the “Gloo Wall” grenade as cover while playing.

Team Deathmatch, Clash Squad, Big Head, Explosive Jump, Cold Steel, Zombie Hunt, Rampage, and Pet Mania are just a few of the more than fifteen game types available in Free Fire. But other than Lone Wolf, Clash Squad, and Battle Royale, these modes are only accessible on special occasions.

Up to 52 people can join the Battle Royale mode in Free Fire when they arrive on an island without any weapons. They must battle by stealing weapons and gear from buildings in an effort to be the last person remaining. Their rating will be impacted if they play this mode in ranked mode. There are six different maps available: NeXTerra, Alpine, Purgatory, Kalahari, Bermuda, and Bermuda Remastered. Play may be done in single, duet, or team modes.

In the four-player vs four-player Clash Squad mode, players equip themselves with gear and weapons that they may buy from an in-game store while getting ready to fight the other squad. The game style has a best-of-7 structure and can include four or seven rounds. When every member on a squad is eliminated—by their opponents or by the surroundings—that team wins the round. The maps utilized in Clash Squad and Battle Royale mode as of 2022 are identical. You may play the mode in either Ranked or Casual mode.

Craftland gives users the ability to create custom maps in Free Fire using an in-game builder. You may play and share the made maps with other people. Script editing is another feature that allows Craftland to offer sophisticated customisation, allowing creators more freedom to realize their ideas. Buildings, game components, and decorations can be added by players to the map until the allotted area is reached. Players can base their creations on any of the two accessible maps.

Players are tempted to spend diamonds in Free Fire in order to obtain a variety of rare products. Many people, however, don’t think using the money is practical, therefore they look for alternative ways to buy cosmetics. Redeeming coupons is the best method out of the few that they may use because it requires the least amount of work.

In addition to being simple to use, redemption coupons may provide a wide range of benefits. Bonuses can include room cards, outfits, gloo wall skins, and other items. It is important to remember that these coupons are only available for a short time.

Garena Free Fire codes for 15th October, 2023

The list of Free Fire redemption codes that may be used to obtain room cards and gloo wall skins is given below:

Room Cards


Gloo wall skins


Note: The aforementioned codes may not work for everyone due to their ambiguous expiration dates and server limitations.

Comprehensive Instructions For Using Free Fire Redemption Codes

You may use the redemption codes to get free prizes through Garena’s exclusive website, prizes Redemption Site. It won’t take long to use an FF code. The following are the comprehensive instructions for redeeming codes:

Step 1: Go to to access the official Rewards Redemption Site. Make sure you visit the legitimate website and stay away from fraudulent ones.

Step 2: Pick the login option that corresponds to your in-game ID. Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei ID, Apple ID, and X (previously Twitter) are the six options available on the website.

The developers have made it clear that guest account holders must have such profiles linked to any of the aforementioned sites in order for them to be able to redeem coupons on the Rewards Redemption Site.

Step 3: Following the login, a text box will appear on the screen. After entering the appropriate code accurately, click Confirm.

In a moment, the redemption status will show whether or not the process was successful. If your completion is successful, visit Free Fire’s in-game mail section to get the required gifts.

That’s all! Following this elaborate set of instructions will get you the codes and you can enjoy these rewards with your friends!

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