How Does ISO’s Double Tap (E) Ability Work In Valorant?

57 minutes ago By Randell Jhonson

Valorant’s diverse roster of agents continues to evolve with the introduction of ISO, the seventh Duelist and the 23rd Agent to join the fray in Episode 7 Act 3. Hailing from China, ISO brings a unique set of abilities that demand precision and individual skill, making him a compelling addition to Valorant’s ever-expanding universe. 

In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the intricacies of ISO’s signature ability, the Double Tap (E), exploring its mechanics, applications, and strategies for maximizing its potential.

Unveiling ISO’s Double Tap (E) Ability

ISO’s Double Tap stands out as a distinctive and intriguing addition to Valorant’s pool of abilities. Unlike the conventional recharging mechanism seen in other agents’ abilities, Double Tap operates on a different principle, requiring players to be precise and strategic in its usage.

Upon activation, a brief timer appears on the screen, signaling the limited window during which ISO can capitalize on this ability. What sets Double Tap apart is its unique resource generation system. Instead of relying on a cooldown or kill-based recharge, every enemy felled by ISO leaves behind an energy orb floating above their demise.

Shooting this energy orb becomes the key to unlocking Double Tap’s potential. Each successfully shot orb grants ISO a shield, capable of absorbing a single instance of damage. However, this shield is not invincible, as it can be instantly broken by enemy gunfire or damaging abilities. To add an extra layer of complexity, the shield also comes with a time limit, visible to both ISO and opponents, adding a strategic element to its use.

Understanding the Mechanics

The Double Tap ability introduces a unique resource dynamic to Valorant. While other agents may rely on cooldowns or kill thresholds to activate their signature moves, ISO’s reliance on energy orbs creates a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

The sequence is straightforward:

  • ISO activates Double Tap (E).
  • A timer appears on the screen, indicating the limited timeframe for orb collection.
  • ISO eliminates enemies, leaving energy orbs in their wake.
  • ISO shoots the energy orbs to activate a shield.
  • The shield absorbs one instance of damage before dissipating.

This mechanic not only requires precise aim but also strategic decision-making. ISO players must weigh the risk and reward of engaging enemies to collect orbs, ensuring they time their shots effectively to maximize the shield’s utility.

Tactical Tips for Mastery

To wield ISO’s Double Tap effectively, players must adopt a strategic and confident approach. Here are some tips to elevate your utilization of this unique ability:

Confidence in Duels:

ISO, much like Reyna, thrives on assertiveness. Engage opponents confidently to secure kills, activate Double Tap, and gain the shield. This proactive playstyle not only enhances ISO’s impact but can also turn the tide of a round.

Team Utility Coordination:

While Double Tap is potent, its effectiveness can be nullified by savvy opponents. Coordinate with teammates to capitalize on utility like flashes and stuns, creating opportunities for ISO to engage enemies and collect orbs. Team synergy amplifies Double Tap’s potential.

Leveraging Undercut Synergy:

ISO’s Undercut ability, functioning similarly to Omen’s Paranoia, complements Double Tap exceptionally well. For 200 credits, Undercut makes enemies vulnerable to damage. Combining Undercut with Double Tap allows ISO to dispatch foes swiftly, activate the shield, and maximize its impact in engagements.

ISO’s Double Tap adds a layer of complexity to Valorant’s ever-evolving meta, requiring players to master its unique mechanics for optimal impact. With a playstyle that rewards precision, confidence in duels, and strategic coordination with teammates, ISO enthusiasts can turn each round into a showcase of calculated aggression and dynamic gameplay.

As Valorant continues to evolve, mastering ISO’s Double Tap will be crucial for players seeking a nuanced and powerful Duelist experience. Embrace the challenge, refine your aim, and let the energy orbs pave the way to victory in the tactical world of Valorant.

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