Dragon Ball Z Volume 25: What is it in? Hints, Spoilers, Rumors, and Information

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Dragon Ball Volume 25, titled “Last Hero Standing!” (がんばれ超スーパーゴテンクスくん Ganbare Sūpā Gotenkusu-kun, lit. “Do Your Best, Super Gotenks-kun”), marks a pivotal moment in the original Dragon Ball manga series. In this volume, the stakes are higher than ever as the evil djinn Boo unleashes his pure and undiluted malevolence upon the world. With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, our heroes must unite and tap into their hidden powers to confront this formidable enemy. Join us as we delve into the story, explore the characters, and uncover the exciting contents of Dragon Ball Volume 25.

Dragon Ball Z Volume 25: Story

After the demise of Earth’s greatest hero, Son Goku, the responsibility to protect the planet falls upon his sons, Gohan and Goten. However, a new threat emerges in the form of the malevolent Boo, who is pure evil incarnate. Boo’s reign of terror culminates in the annihilation of “six billion people” with a single wave of his hand, sparing only the heroes residing in Kami-sama’s sky palace. As the survivors grapple with the magnitude of the devastation, Goten and Trunks merge to form the powerful Gotenks, the only being with a chance to match Boo’s raw power. But salvation may lie beyond their world, as Gohan and Goku prepare for their turn to fight on a distant planet. Their mission: to save the ravaged Earth before it succumbs to destruction itself.

Dragon Ball Z Volume 25 Introduction by Akira Toriyama

In the introduction to Volume 25, Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, reflects on the impending conclusion of the Dragon Ball Z series. Toriyama expresses his gratitude for the unwavering support of the fans, which has propelled the series to new heights. While lamenting the end of the series, Toriyama acknowledges his desire to transition to a more relaxed pace and pursue new manga projects. He promises an exciting conclusion to Dragon Ball Z, with Volume 26 set to be extra thick, mirroring the substantial content of Volume 25.

Characters: Heroes and Villains

  1. Dragon Ball Volume 25 showcases a diverse cast of characters, each playing a crucial role in the battle against Boo and the defense of Earth. Here are some of the main characters featured in this volume:
  1. Son Gohan: Half-human and half-Saiyan, Gohan possesses extraordinary martial arts skills, making him one of Earth’s mightiest warriors.
  1. Son Goku: Gohan’s father and one of the last remaining Saiyans, Goku’s legacy looms large despite his current state of being deceased.
  1. Piccolo: Hailing from the alien planet Namek, Piccolo brings his unique abilities and strategic mind to the fight against evil.
  1. #18: A powerful and hot-tempered cyborg, #18 contributes her immense strength to the battle against Boo.
  1. Vegeta: Goku’s long-standing rival and prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta’s tragic demise adds urgency to the fight against Boo.
  1. Son Goten: Goku’s second son, Goten inherits his father’s Saiyan heritage and becomes a key player in the struggle against evil.
  1. Trunks: The son of Vegeta and Bulma, Trunks’ half-Saiyan bloodline and determination make him an invaluable asset.
  1. Kuririn: Goku’s former martial arts classmate and now married to #18, Kuririn brings his experience and unwavering spirit to the battlefield.
  1. Hercule: An ordinary man who gains worldwide fame by claiming credit for defeating Cell, Hercule’s influence and unexpected alliances may hold the key to victory.
  1. Kaiô-shin: The supreme deity of the Dragon Ball universe, Kaiô-shin plays a pivotal role in training Gohan and guiding the heroes.
  1. The Former Kaiô-shin: An ancient god and Gohan’s trainer, the Former Kaiô-shin provides valuable wisdom and assistance to the heroes.
  1. Boo: A fearsome creature responsible for killing his own master, Boo’s transformation into a new, vicious form intensifies the threat to Earth.

Contents: Chapter Compilation

Dragon Ball Volume 25 comprises chapters 289 to 300, originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from issue 1990 #39 to 1990 #50. The chapters in this volume encapsulate the climactic battles and dramatic events of the series. Here is a breakdown of the chapters included in Volume 25:

Chapter 289: The Terrifying Creature

Chapter 290: A Shocking Remodeling!!

Chapter 291: The Great Magic of the Lord of Lords

Chapter 292: The Birth of a Super Warrior!!

Chapter 293: The Merging of Two Superpowers!!

Chapter 294: The Tenka’ichi Budōkai Begins!!

Chapter 295: The Death Match Draws Near!!

Chapter 296: The Ultimate Combination!!

Chapter 297: Return to the Normal World!!

Chapter 298: The Death of Boo

Chapter 299: Hercule Survives!!

Chapter 300: Goku’s Declaration

Dragon Ball Volume 25 marks a pivotal moment in the Dragon Ball Z series, as the heroes face the ultimate evil and strive to save Earth from annihilation. With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, the emergence of new powers, unexpected alliances, and thrilling battles make this volume a must-read for fans. As Akira Toriyama’s iconic series approaches its conclusion, the anticipation for the forthcoming Volume 26 builds. Stay tuned for the epic finale of Dragon Ball Z as the struggle against Boo reaches its climax and the destiny of Earth hangs in the balance.

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