Dota 2 TI12 Group Stage Day 1 Results And Report: Teams Standing, Points Table And More

1 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

The International Dota 2 Championships 2023—also referred to as TI 2023 or TI 12—will take place in Seattle, Washington, and serve as both the culmination of the current Dota Pro Circuit season and the twelfth annual edition of The International. The invitation procedure is the same as the last International; teams will be admitted to The International based on a point system determined by officially sponsored Regional Leagues and Majors.

This year’s The International is divided into two different parts, unlike previous years. The Road to The International comprises the group stage and playoffs (up to the top 8 teams), while The International itself comprises the playoffs for the final 8 teams.

In the next few weeks, spectators can expect to see fierce Dota 2 matchups during The International 12 (TI12), which will serve as the exciting cap to the 2023 competitive season. The event, which takes place over three weekends from October 12 to October 29, 2023, will include 20 teams. The competition will consist of a two-phase group stage, followed by the Playoffs and International, which are the two parts of the Main Event. Here is a look at the teams competing in TI12, along with the schedule and additional details on the tournament’s group stage.

TI12 Group Stage: All The Information You Require

Team List

Twenty teams total, split into four groups of five teams each, will compete in the tournament.

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
9PandasAzure RaybeastcoastKeyd Stars
EntityBetBoom TeamGaimin GladiatorsPSG Quest
Evil GeniusesShopify RebellionLGD GamingTalon Esports
Team SMGTeam LiquidNounsTSM
Team SpiritThunder AwakenVirtus.ProTundra Esports

Team Standings by Group Stage

Group A

PositionTeamSeries (W-D-L)Games (W-L)Qualified To Next Round
1Team Spirit4-0-08-0Qualified
4Evil Geniuses0-2-22-6Qualified
4Team SMG0-2-22-6Disqualified

Group B

PositionTeamSeries (W-D-L)Games (W-L)Qualified To Next Round
1Team Liquid3-1-07-1Qualified
2BetBoom Team3-0-16-2Qualified
3Azure Ray1-2-14-4Qualified
4Shopify Rebellion0-2-22-6Qualified
5Thunder Awaken0-1-31-7Disqualified

Group C

PositionTeamSeries (W-D-L)Games (W-L)Qualified To Next Round
1LGD Gaming3-1-07-1Qualified
2Gaimin Gladiators2-1-15-3Qualified

Group D

PositionTeamSeries (W-D-L)Games (W-L)Qualified To Next Round
1Tundra Esports3-1-07-1Qualified
3Talon Esports2-0-24-4Qualified
4Keyd Stars0-3-13-5Qualified
5PSG Quest0-2-22-6Disqualified

Schedule For The Group Stage

Teams will play the Bo2 series group stage, often known as Phase One, first, like in previous years. This time, however, there will be a Phase 2 that sets the Main Event seeds.

Day 1 (October 13, 2023, early in the SGT time zone)

 Time (SGT)Stream 1Stream 2Stream 3Stream 4Stream 5
01:00 a.m.Team Spirit 2-0 9PandasEvil Geniuses 0-2 EntityThunder Awaken 0-2 BetBoom TeamLGD Gaming 2-0 Gaimin GladiatorsTSM 0-2 Tundra Esports
03:00 a.m.Team Spirit 2-0 Team SMGTeam Liquid 1-1 Azure RayThunder Predator 1-1 Shopify Rebellionnouns 1-1 beastcoastTundra Esports 2-0 Talon Esports
05:00 a.m.9Pandas 1-1 EntityTeam Liquid 2-0 BetBoom TeamLGD Gaming 2-0 0-2 Gaimin GladiatorsKeyd Stars 1-1 PSG Quest
07:00 a.m.Team Spirit 2-0 EntityEvil Geniuses 1-1 Team 1-1 beastcoastKeyd Stars 1-1 Tundra EsportsTSM 2-0 Talon Esports
09:00 a.m.9Pandas 2-0 Team SMGShopify Rebellion 0-2 Team LiquidAzure Ray 2-0 Thunder AwakenGaimin Gladiators 1-1 nounsTSM 1-1 PSG Quest

Day 2 (14th Oct)

 Time (SGT)Stream 1Stream 2Stream 3Stream 4Stream 5
01:00 a.m.Team Spirit 2-0 Evil GeniusesShopify Rebellion 0-2 BetBoom TeamLGD Gaming 2-0 beastcoastKeyd Stars 0-2 Talon EsportsTundra Esports 2-0 PSG Quest
03:00 a.m.Entity 1-1 Team SMGTeam Liquid 2-0 Thunder AwakenShopify Rebellion 1-1 Azure RayLGD Gaming 1-1 Virtus.proKeyd Stars 1-1 TSM
05:00 a.m.Evil Geniuses 1-1 9PandasBetBoom Team 2-0 Azure 1-1 nounsGaimin Gladiators 2-0 beastcoastTalon Esports 2-0 PSG Quest
07:50 a.m.Evil Geniuses 2-0 Team SMG    

Day 3 (15th Oct)

Time (SGT)Stream 1
01:00 a.m.Team Spirit vs Shopify Rebellion
04:00 a.m.TSM vs
07:00 a.m.Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
10:00 a.m.Gamin Gladiators vs Talon Esports

Day 4 (16th Oct)

Time (SGT)Stream 1
01:00 a.m.LGD Gaming vs Keyd Stars
04:00 a.m.BetBoom Team vs 9Pandas
07:00 a.m.Tundra Esports vs nouns
10:00 a.m.Entity vs Azure Ray

Group Stage Format

Phase One (October 13–14)

  • A solitary round-robin group phase
  • Each of the four teams’ five groupings
  • Every series is a Bo2
  • The teams ranked third or fourth in the other group are matched with the top two teams from each group (A-B and C-D)
  • Each group’s lowest team is eliminated.

Phase Two (15–16 October)

Based on Phase One pairings, the remaining sixteen teams face each other to decide where they would end up in the playoffs—upper or lower bracket.

Main Event: October 20–22, 2023 (Playoffs Weekend); October 27–October 29, 2023 (Finals Weekend).

In a bracket with double elimination, sixteen teams compete.

The Grand Final is a best-of-five series; the other eight teams start in the Lower Bracket and the Eight teams start in the Upper Bracket.

Prize Pool

The tournament’s starting prize fund is $1,600,000. A further quarter of every Compendium sale is contributed to the overall prize fund. $3,012,817 USD is the current total prize pool (with an additional $1,412,817 USD).

Where You Can View Live Streaming of Dota 2

Fans may tune into the Epulze Gaming Twitch channel in addition to the Dota 2 client. Since several series are airing concurrently, you may check in to other streams to watch them all on other Dota 2 Twitch channels at the same time. Be aware that by using the Squad streaming option on Twitch, you may watch numerous suspenseful shows at once on your screen.

You may see the videos-on-demand (VODs) on the Epulze Gaming YouTube account if you were unable to witness the live matches of the Bali Major 2023 Group Stage.

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