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3 months ago By AI Smith

Golden Kamuy’s Satoru Noda presents an exciting ice hockey sports manga titled “DOGSRED,” set to debut on July 27 in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine.

Renowned manga artist Satoru Noda, famous for his work on Golden Kamuy, is ready to take fans on a thrilling ice hockey journey with his latest creation, “DOGSRED.” The manga is a relaunch of his previous ice hockey series, “Supinamarada!,” promising action-packed sports scenes and captivating storytelling. With a scheduled release in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine, fans can’t wait to dive into the world of ice hockey once again.

DOGSRED: A Recreated Sports Manga

The highly anticipated “DOGSRED” marks the return of Noda’s passion for ice hockey, as the sport takes center stage in his manga universe. Previously titled “Supinamarada!,” the manga has undergone a rebranding as “DOGSRED,” reigniting the excitement and anticipation among its dedicated readership. Excitingly, the characters from both the old and new manga share the same jersey number, 66, adding an intriguing connection between the two works.

The Resurgence of Supinamarada!

Satoru Noda’s debut manga series, “Supinamarada!,” made its appearance in Weekly Young Jump back in 2011. Despite facing challenges, including a hesitant title and a slow start, Noda’s love for hockey and his Hokkaido roots fueled his determination to create something unique in the sports manga genre.

Supinamarada!’s Plot

The heartfelt tale of “Supinamarada!” revolves around fifteen-year-old figure skater, Shirakawa Rou. Tragedy strikes when a car accident claims his mother’s life, shattering his dreams of Olympic glory. In the aftermath, he moves to Tomakomai, Hokkaido, under the care of his grandfather, where he encounters the Genma brothers. This fateful meeting leads him to join the school’s ice hockey team, setting the stage for a courageous and gripping journey filled with fierce competition against rival schools.

Noda’s Exquisite Artwork

In both “Supinamarada!” and “DOGSRED,” Noda demonstrates his exceptional skill in visual storytelling, presenting readers with a feast of artistic brilliance and narrative finesse. Dynamic action sequences, intricately detailed backgrounds, and vivid expressions bring his characters to life, creating an immersive experience for readers. With Noda’s impeccable artistry, “DOGSRED” promises to be a visually stunning masterpiece.

As Satoru Noda unveils “DOGSRED,” manga enthusiasts and ice hockey fans alike eagerly await the captivating narrative and breathtaking illustrations that await them. With a shared love for the sport and a deep understanding of human emotions, Noda’s latest work is bound to strike a chord with readers, taking them on an unforgettable journey of triumph and perseverance on the ice. Be ready to immerse yourself in the world of “DOGSRED” as it arrives on the pages of Weekly Young Jump, promising an exhilarating ride from the very first chapter.

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