Diablo IV And Season 1 Of Malignant Full Analysis And Review, Ratings, Tips, Offers, Rewards And More

8 months ago By AI Smith

The last great chapter of the Diablo saga has not made us wait long since its launch to bring us new content. The Season of the Evil Ones, the first of the regular content that Blizzard wants to release for Diablo IV, arrives this week loaded with news at playable and cosmetic levels, in addition to the vaunted season pass with the option to buy, but whose acquisition will only provide skins and visual additions to our equipment and armour. We tell you everything in this guide.

Diablo 4: Season of the Malignant

The Season of the Evil Ones is the name given to the first seasonal content of the Activision-Blizzard ARPG. A new plot, team, world boss and mechanics in which to experience these novelties are the hallmarks of this first batch of additional content intended to expand the already extensive list of activities that we can do in Sanctuary.

Only a month and a half separate the release of the game from these novelties when the usual thing is that, except in cases like Overwatch 2, said content usually waits to be released between two and three months later. But Blizzard wants to provide the latest chapter of the Diablo saga with content that will keep us hooked on its frenetic action and team looting. 

What the Season of the Malignant brings:

  • A New Story: After ridding itself of Lilith, Sanctuary now faces a new threat in the form of corruption that is causing the remaining forces of evil to gain power and a new breed of enemies, the Fiends, to appear. The one who will help us unravel this mystery is Cormond, a priest from the Cathedral of Light, and he will be our guide in the face of this new threat.
  • New powers to imbue our team: With the appearance of the Wicked ones a new type of creation element is also incorporated, the corrupted hearts. This new resource is achieved thanks to the help of the aforementioned Cormond, and they provide us with a new type of socket to put on our team to gain more power against these enemies and the others that were already swarming around Sanctuary.
  • New dungeons and boss fight: Of course, there are also new dungeons in which to test ourselves against these atrocities, the evil tunnels. Inside is the key to banishing them from the sanctuary, with new enemy types that will culminate in the confrontation against a new boss: Varshan the Consumed.
  • New equipment: Finally, you can’t talk about news in Diablo without new equipment or loot. Among the new pieces get up to six new unique items along with seven legendary traits or aspects that will expand our combat repertoire in Diablo 4.

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Tips to Start the Season of the Malignant

Also, know that all this content will only be possible to experience with a character created expressly for the current season; The one(s) you already had beforehand will not be able to participate in it for the simple reason that the season content is locked to a specific type of realm and must be selected on the character selection screen.

But don’t ignore the ones you’ve already created, because they’re still needed to access Season of Wicked content quickly and efficiently. Therefore, here are some tips that you should follow if you want to start Diablo 4 Season 1 on the right foot and get the most out of it.

Complete the campaign

If you haven’t already, you should try to wrap up the main campaign as soon as possible. The reason is that all of the content in Season of Evil takes place after the events that take place in the game’s main plot, and if you want to explore Sanctuary without restrictions and be able to enjoy the new season from the beginning, only if you have completed the campaign with a character when you create a new one you will be given the option to skip the campaign. To do this, when you go to create the character to play this season, select the ”Skip Campaign” option on the creation screen.

Don’t worry about what you would have unlocked with the previous character, as the altars of Lilith you discovered and your mount will still be available with the new character; the altars that you discover with the new one -if you are missing any- will also be transferred to the character you already created.

Unlock World Tier III

Although the Season of the Damned content can be experienced even in World Tier I, the add-on activities to earn better gear and experience are not available in World Tier I, nor are they available in World Tier II either. World Bosses and the best rewards for Whispering Tree quests and challenges can only be obtained at World Tier III.

To do this, you need to complete the Keystone dungeon Cathedral of Light on world level II. Once done, you can select that level at the Statue of Inarius in Kyovashad or before starting a session with any character on the select screen. It’s a dungeon like the others really, but the recommended level to do it is 40 and up even in Level II, but the more advanced you are the better.

Perform complex secondaries

It’s highly unlikely that you’ve completed ALL of the side quests in the game by now, but even if that’s the case, with the new characters you create for this season they’ll be available again (unlike renown isn’t something shared with characters in the game). One account). If what you need is to level up quickly, it is best to do the secondary ones that will take us through some dungeons in the game to earn as much gold, loot and experience as possible. The most lucrative and complex ones in the game today are these that, if you see them available, you should not miss:

ZoneSide mission
Broken Tops-Sermon of blood -Shattered Tribute -Champion’s Hammer -The martyr of fear -Screams of innocence -Vista to madness -Legacy of the Lightguard
Scosglen-Smoke signals -The seer -Fields of Ruin -Daughter of the Oak -wild moon -The fortune teller
Grim Steppes-In the name of love -Consumed by pride -At the height of Arreat -Spears at the ready
Kehjistan-Symbol of faith -The honor of a wolf -The talking stone -A voice from the past -Remnants
Hawezar-Vestiges of faith -Heresy -desperate remedies -Abandoned

If you can also combine any of these missions with the activities provided by the Tree of Whispers, the profits will be even greater to complete them as a task or challenge, and of course, deliver those 10 whispers to get additional equipment and XP.

Log in at least from July 18

This last piece of advice (which really should be the first one) may not seem like a big deal, but it is. And it is that before the start of the season on July 20, it would be recommended that you log into the game with the character that you have progressed the most. The reason is that an update will be published on the servers that day to prepare the game for the start of the Season of Evil.

That way you will make sure that, when you create a new one to enjoy it, all the progress of Renown, Sanctuary status and Lilith statues are transferred correctly and you can start again without having to replay the campaign to progress through the campaign season.

Season of Fiends Battle Pass Contents

These novelties of the Season of the Evil Ones are complemented with the Battle Pass that works in a very similar way -if not identical- to that of other Blizzard video games such as Overwatch 2: they do not offer any playable element but only cosmetics; some exclusive to the Premium or Accelerated versions.

It consists of 90 levels and is accessible to all Diablo 4 owners. Throughout these levels, rewards will be granted depending on the version you want to have access to, and among some of them are the following:

20 smoldering ashesVVV
27 levels in the free track (includes Smoldering Ashes, Armor Transmogs, Titles, and more)VVV
63 levels on the premium track (includes armor transmogs, weapon skins, emotes, and more)XVV
Coldiron armor set for each class (basic and awakening versions)XVV
Guarded Mesteño mount (basic and awaken versions)XVV
Coldiron Bard Mount Armor (Basic and Awakened Versions)XVV
20 level jumpsXXV
Gesture ”On the road to war!”XXV

Scaling Boosters: Smoldering Ashes and Blessings of the Season

A feature designed so that the progression of your new character created for the Season is not so laborious is the Smoldering Ashes. This type of resource is unlocked by ascending through one of the levels that the battle pass grants and that players can invest in the Urns. By doing so, we will unlock the Blessings of the Season; They are enhancers for obtaining experience, resources, gold or the playable novelties that the Season of Evil incorporates:

  • Urn of Aggression: Increases the experience gained from killing monsters
  • Bargain Urn: Increases gold earned from sales of equipment or other items
  • Urn of Reclamation: Increases the amount of crafting materials obtained by recycling them at the blacksmith
  • Urn of Prolongation: Increases the duration of all elixirs
  • Urn of Malignancy: Increases the spawn rate of Malignant Hearts.

The ashes that we acquire can be invested in one or more of these urns, but keep in mind that there is a limited number of currencies to invest in them. It’s up to players to decide if they want to push all of these perks a bit or focus on maximizing the benefits of some of them. In addition, there are four levels for each urn, so the benefits of the empowerment will be proportional (the more ashes in an urn, the greater the benefits it grants). Ashes do not require payment to obtain and are available for all versions of the Battle Pass.

How to get levels in the Battle Pass

Our progression through the Battle Pass will be natural and automatic thanks to Favor, which is the experience needed to increase the level of the Battle Pass. It is achieved by performing different actions in the game, such as killing monsters, completing secondaries, or – if you choose to replay the campaign – also completing Main Story acts, even if that deprives you of additional content until you complete it. Additionally, the Battle Pass has a series of seasonal challenges.

Also say that the pass is made up of Chapters, each with its set of rewards, among which are those that we have mentioned before. The best thing is that completing these chapters gives us an Amnesia Scroll to reconfigure our character for free, regardless of their level, and of course, it will be very useful for players who have very advanced characters and want to reorient them in the middle of the season.

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