Destiny 2: Top 14 Void Weapons Refine

2 months ago By AI Smith

Void weapons are crucial in Destiny 2’s PvE landscape, especially with the introduction of Void 3.0. From Exotics to Legendaries, here’s a refined list of the top 14 Void weapons every Guardian should have in their arsenal.

The arsenal of elemental weapons in Destiny 2 continues to expand with each passing season, offering Guardians an ever-growing selection of potent Void weapons. Aligned perfectly with the Void 3.0 subclass, these weapons not only excel in PvE scenarios but also stand out as some of the best choices across the entire game, particularly in Season of the Wish. Let’s delve into the top 14 Void weapons that every Guardian should consider adding to their collection.

14. Buried Bloodline

Exotic Void Sidearm From Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon

Warlord’s Ruin dungeon introduces Buried Bloodline, an exotic sidearm boasting unique effects like health leech and Devour from rapid final blows. Its medieval hand crossbow aesthetic makes it a standout choice, fitting seamlessly into any Void build.

13. Null Composure

A PVE-Friendly Fusion Rifle

Despite being an older seasonal weapon, Null Composure remains a powerhouse among fusion rifles, thanks to its Reservoir Burst and Feeding Frenzy perks. Available from the Monument to Lost Lights, it’s a solid addition to any Void-centric loadout.

12. Veles-X

A Heavy-Hitting Pulse Rifle

Veles-X, while feeling slightly sluggish due to its Aggressive Frame, shines in PvE Void builds with perks like Repulsor Brace and Golden Tricorn. Its ability to grant Void overshield and energy regeneration makes it a valuable asset.

11. Commemoration

The Perfect Ad-Clearing Machine Gun

Dropping from the Deep Stone Crypt raid, Commemoration rewards players with ability energy on dealing damage, making it ideal for sustaining in prolonged encounters. Pair it with Reconstruction and Killing Tally for optimal performance.

10. Hollow Denial

A Great Special Weapon Choice For Double Special Builds

Available from Banshee-44 or Xur, Hollow Denial excels in double Special weapon builds with perks like Lead from Gold and Repulsor Brace. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any Guardian’s arsenal.

9. Harsh Language

The Go-To Void Wave Frame

Harsh Language’s wave frame design and powerful perks like Envious Assassin and Destabilizing Rounds make it a force to be reckoned with in PvE encounters. Whether for ad-clearing or supporting Void builds, this grenade launcher delivers.

8. Nessa’s Oblation

A Solid Shotgun For PvE

From the Root of Nightmares raid, Nessa’s Oblation stands out with perks like Reconstruction and Destabilizing Rounds. Its precision-focused design and potent perks make it a reliable choice for PvE engagements.

7. Le Monarque

An Exotic Bow With Anti-Champion Capabilities

Le Monarque’s intrinsic anti-Overload champion perk, coupled with its poison damage effect, make it a formidable choice for dealing with tough enemies. Ideal for both PvE and PvP scenarios, it offers versatility and potency.

6. Doom Of Chelchis

The Best Void Scout Rifle

Exclusive to the King’s Fall raid, Doom of Chelchis boasts perks like Firefly and Explosive Payload, making it a standout choice for PvE encounters. Its impressive performance and perks make it a coveted addition to any Guardian’s armory.

5. The Other Half

A Must-Have Utility Sword With Eager Edge

The Other Half’s Eager Edge perk provides exceptional mobility, making it invaluable for movement and speedrunning activities. Whether scaling jumping puzzles or engaging enemies, this sword proves its worth.

4. Funnelweb

The Best Void SMG

Funnelweb’s accessibility and potent perks like Subsistence and Frenzy make it a favourite among Guardians. Ideal for both Void-centric and general loadouts, it remains a versatile and reliable choice.

3. Collective Obligation

An Exotic Pulse Rifle That Can Debuff Targets

From the Vow of the Disciple raid, Collective Obligation’s ability to store Void Leech and debuff targets makes it a potent choice for Void builds. Its synergy with Void 3.0 and other Hunter gear solidifies its place in the arsenal.

2. Taipan-4FR

A Great Contender For Top Precision DPS

Taipan-4FR’s raw DPS potential, coupled with perks like Triple Tap and Firing Line or Frenzy, make it a top choice for dealing massive damage. Its versatility and power make it a staple in high-level engagements.

1. Retrofit Escapade

A Machine Gun For Sustained Damage On Single Targets

Retrofit Escapade, available from Banshee-44 or Xur, excels in sustained damage scenarios with perks like Target Lock and Fourth Time’s the Charm. Its reliability and effectiveness make it the pinnacle of Void weapons in Destiny 2.


In the ever-expanding world of Destiny 2, the importance of Void weapons cannot be overstated. From Exotics to Legendaries, each weapon on this list offers Guardians unparalleled power and versatility in PvE encounters. Whether tackling raids, dungeons, or challenging missions, having the right Void weapon can make all the difference in achieving victory. So, stock up your arsenal with these top 14 Void weapons and prepare to face whatever challenges the universe throws your way.

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