Top 10 Super Mario Animated Movies That You Don’t Want To Miss

4 months ago By Ronny Walker

The Super Mario Movie is on the lips of millions of people around the world. Not only because it has been an impressive success at the box office. But also because it is about to drop on streaming services, and is already available to buy on various platforms such as Amazon Prime Video. The Universal Studios and Illumination masterpiece has reached such a degree of popularity that it has entered the universe of the Mario brand and all that this implies. In this article, we will review 10 top things from the Super Mario Movie that you cannot miss.

Warning: If you have not seen the Movie and do not want any Spoilers, we recommend you read the article when you have finished it.

Princess Peach takes a completely new role in the saga

We have always seen Princess Peach in all the Super Mario games as that character that we had to rescue, well locked in her castle, or the form of Baby Peach or Peach in other games further away from the central line of the saga, like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Well, the role of the princess changes in the Super Mario Movie, becoming one more character that fits into the cast and enjoys her life and freedom outside her castle. A twist that has certainly suited him quite well.

Yoshi of various colours appear in the movie but none is the original Yoshi

In a fragment of the film, we can see a horde of Yoshis running through a meadow, all of them of different colours, very striking and colourful. Although some green Yoshis appear, none of them shines with the same intensity as that of our original Yoshi, which gives us to understand that although his species does exist and has an appearance in the film, our beloved Yoshi has not acted in the presence or yes?

Yoshi’s egg appears in the post-credits scene

In the post-credits scene of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, we can see a white egg with a couple of bright green spots that are breaking. This egg is very well hidden, and when the camera zooms in close-up, the screen goes dark as we hear the characteristic “ Yoshi ” from our original Yoshi in baby form. This implies that if there is a sequel to the Super Mario movie, Yoshi will make a star appearance at any moment.

A Luigi ringtone takes us back in time

During the movie, there is a part in which Luigi receives a call and we can hear a tone on his mobile. This tone for lifelong Nintendo fans will know that it corresponds to the mythical melody that we heard on the Gamecube. A wink that most veterans have surely perceived when watching the film and that shows the affection with which Nintendo and Universal have treated the film.

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The cliff scene hides a secret

In the film, there is a moment in which Peach, Toad and Mario stare at the horizon and the pink sky, and among the clouds, some structures and towers appear that remind us of something. You know what? Indeed, we are talking about Minas Almendradas, one of the worlds that we have in New Super Mario Bros Deluxe for Nintendo Switch, Incredible true?

Crazy Cop is also in the Mushroom Kingdom

Crazy Cop is a store known in the Super Mario franchise for being the place where our beloved plumber goes to buy a multitude of hats of different shapes and sizes. Well, in one of the scenes of the movie when Mario arrives at the Mushroom Kingdom and its central city, we can see the logo of this store hovering over the heads of the Toads. Where to watch the Super Mario movie streaming. 

A nod to Super Mario Galaxy

At one point in the Movie, Princess Peach tells Mario that outside the Mushroom Kingdom, there is a whole world full of galaxies to discover and explore. This is without a doubt a quite remarkable nod to the Super Mario Galaxy installments of the Super Mario saga that has given us so many good moments over the years.

What are the Spikes Bowser referring to?

At one point in the movie when Bowser addresses his Koopa army, we see two strange creatures that the King himself refers to as ” those things “. We are talking about the Pinchones. While not as well known in the Super Mario universe as other enemies, the Spikes are very distinctive, and their spiked carapaces are sure to be remembered by many players. Seeing them humorously included in the film is an original and beautiful gesture.

Donkey Kong can throw fireballs

Donkey Kong, that’s where it all started. Our friendly gorilla has in the Super Mario Bros. movie, the ability to launch fireballs, and not only that since the fur also changes its tone to an almost reddish purple we could say. The scene of Donkey Kong throwing fireballs and controlling his power is one of the most impressive in the movie. Super Mario the Movie is available on Peacock, and where else?

The biggest fear of Mario Kart players: The blue spiked shell appears on the scene

To close the list, in the film, we also have the appearance of a Koopa boss during one of the races. Riding in a vehicle that looks more like a tank and would scare anyone, the aggressively driving yellow Koopa has a helmet on his head. And yes, we are talking about the item that has given Mario Kart fans the most nightmares over the years: The blue spiked shell. A clear nod to the Super Mario driving saga, and to all those who have ever suffered from the chaotic effects of this object.

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