10 Conspiracy Theories That Need To Be Explained In Chainsaw Man

9 months ago By AI Smith

Chainsaw Man is a series with a multitude of mysteries, leaving fans engrossed and contemplative. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man blends elements of dark fantasy, horror, and action, making it one of the most popular shonen manga of this generation. Fujimoto has masterfully weaved an intricate narrative, keeping crucial information hidden and setting the stage for fan theories to flourish. As Part 2 continues to unravel more enigmatic threads, the fan base remains fervently engaged in speculation, with many theories holding the promise of becoming canon.

  1. The Gun Devil Will Come Back

In Part 1, the Gun Devil was presented as the ultimate adversary for Denji, only to be overshadowed by the threat of Makima. However, fans believe this infamous Devil might return, as the Gun Devil summoned by the United States president was merely a fragmented 20% form. With the possibility of regeneration, the Gun Devil could return stronger than ever.

  1. Pochita Has Eaten A Part Of The Death Devil

Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, stands out as a unique enigma. It’s unclear how this fear, as simple as chainsaws, became the most feared Devil. Fans speculate that Pochita might have absorbed powers from the Death Devil, as consuming a Devil’s part grants abilities. This theory could explain the Chainsaw Devil’s unusual strength and powers.

  1. Fake Chainsaw Man Is The Real Chainsaw Devil

Intriguingly, some fans suggest that Pochita may not be the real Chainsaw Devil. A mysterious figure, known as the Fake Chainsaw Man, fuels this theory. While his identity remains shrouded, many fans believe he is the true Chainsaw Devil. Pochita, with his unique powers, might be a different, primal fear altogether.

  1. Power’s Host Took Her Own Life

Power, a Blood Fiend, occupies a human host, but her host’s history is never revealed. Fans speculate that she took her own life in Aokigahara, the infamous Japanese “suicide forest.” This theory gains credibility from the location where Power’s possession takes place and the body’s self-inflicted wrist cuts, aligning with the theory’s morbid accuracy.

  1. Asa Is The Real War Devil

Asa and Yoru’s unique bond as War Devils raises questions about the real nature of their connection. Fans theorize that Yoru might be a fragment of Asa’s shattered personality and that Asa was the true War Devil all along. Asa’s mysterious history and the emergence of Yoru suggest a complex narrative yet to be fully unveiled.

  1. Quanxi Is Much Older Than Any Other Character

Despite her youthful appearance, Quanxi, the Devil Hunter, is said to have a history dating back centuries. Her ancient Chinese name and extensive history make fans theorize that she could be the original inventor of the Devil Hunter profession. This intriguing theory adds depth to her character.

  1. Angel Devil Is Still Alive

While many characters met their permanent end in the Public Safety Saga, the Angel Devil’s fate remains uncertain. Fans hold onto hope, as the absence of his name in the list of casualties leaves room for his return. The possibility of his survival intrigues fans, offering a glimmer of hope.

  1. Power Will Reunite With Denji

Power’s demise in Part 1 was a heartbreaking moment for fans, but some believe she might return. Fan theories suggest that her longing to reunite with Denji could lead to her reappearance, even if in a different form. Her potential return adds an element of emotional depth to the story.

  1. Yoshida Is The Death Devil

Yoshida Hirofumi, a mysterious supporting character, has fans speculating about his connection to the Death Devil. Some propose that Yoshida might be the Death Devil, given his enigmatic nature and his comments about consuming it. The mystery surrounding Yoshida’s knowledge hints at a complex backstory yet to be unveiled.

  1. Denji And Asa Will Get Together

Denji’s turbulent romantic history in Part 1 has left fans yearning for a more positive outcome. With hints of attraction between Denji and Asa in Part 2, many fans hope for a successful and loving relationship to evolve. Both protagonists deserve a chance at happiness after their previous ordeals.

As Chainsaw Man continues to captivate its readers, these fan theories add depth to the narrative, keeping the community engaged and eager for more revelations. With Tatsuki Fujimoto’s storytelling prowess, many of these theories may find their way into the series, further enriching the world of Chainsaw Man.

Final Thoughts

Chainsaw Man, with its intricate storytelling and enigmatic plot, continues to inspire a plethora of fan theories. From the potential return of the Gun Devil to the mysterious origins of Pochita, the series remains a breeding ground for speculation. As Tatsuki Fujimoto unveils Part 2, these theories add layers to the narrative, making Chainsaw Man an engaging and ever-evolving story. The fans’ dedication to unraveling these mysteries keeps the series alive, promising even more surprises in the future.

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