Chainsaw Man Online: Character Origins – Santa Claus

2 months ago By AI Smith

Santa Claus is an enigmatic figure, known as a global hive mind controlling a group of perfect doll assassins. This article explores the origins, appearance, personality, and abilities of Santa Claus, who serves as the main antagonist in the International Assassins arc.

Origins and Appearance

1.1 The Mysterious Woman

Santa Claus is believed to be a dark-haired woman with green eyes and a mole under her eye. She typically dresses in a dark skirt and an orange sweater.

1.2 Transformation

After consuming a piece of Darkness Devil’s flesh, Santa Claus undergoes a startling transformation. Her body becomes adorned with doll arms and appendages, while her legs are composed of doll heads. At night, she grows larger and more devilish, sporting horns and sharp teeth.


2.1 Tactical and Strategic

Santa Claus demonstrates a calculated and strategic approach. She operates from a remote location and utilizes a perfect doll for bargaining and negotiation.

2.2 Manipulative and Ruthless

Santa Claus shows no qualms about forcefully recruiting civilians and transforming them into puppets. She even sacrifices those who care for her to complete her goals, displaying a lack of empathy.


3.1 History

Santa Claus made a pact with the Doll Devil, granting her the ability to create dolls and perfect dolls that spread worldwide. Notably, the Santa Claus of Germany, an elderly man, is one of her perfect dolls.

3.2 International Assassins Arc

Santa Claus targets Denji, a sixteen-year-old boy from Japan. She enlists her perfect dolls and unleashes her powers, including converting people into dolls and using them as her army. However, her plans are met with opposition from Denji, Quanxi, and other Devil Hunters.


4.1 Doll Creation

Santa Claus can create dolls by touching people, effectively commanding them. These dolls can transform their limbs into blades and possess enhanced abilities.

4.2 Perfect Doll Creation

By instilling human emotions into puppets, Santa Claus can turn individuals into perfect dolls. These dolls serve her and can enter devil contracts on her behalf.

4.3 Mind Transfer

Santa Claus can transfer her consciousness to any of her dolls worldwide, granting her immortality as long as one doll remains functional.

4.4 Devil Contracts

Santa Claus has made contracts with various devils, including the Doll Devil, Curse Devil, Hell Devil, and Darkness Devil. These contracts grant her powers such as doll manipulation, transportation to Hell, enhanced strength, speed, regeneration, and transformation.


Santa Claus is a formidable and mysterious antagonist with the ability to control perfect dolls and harness the powers of devils. Despite her tactical nature and deadly abilities, she ultimately meets her downfall through the combined efforts of Denji, Quanxi, and their allies. The tale of Santa Claus in the International Assassins arc serves as a thrilling and captivating story in the world of Devil Hunter.

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