Chainsaw Man Online: Character Origins – Nayuta

2 months ago By AI Smith

The world of Chainsaw Man is once again haunted by the presence of a formidable force, this time taking the form of an innocent and adorable girl named Nayuta. But beneath her charming facade lies the potential for chaos as the devil within her threatens to create new challenges for our hero, Denji. Could Nayuta harbor the essence of Makima? In this article, we will delve into Nayuta’s character and unravel the mysteries surrounding her in Chainsaw Man.

Nayuta: The Reincarnation of the Control Devil

Nayuta, also known as the Control Devil, is the reincarnation of the powerful devil known as the Control Devil that emerged after Makima’s demise. To prevent Nayuta from following in her predecessor’s footsteps, Kishibe takes her under his wing and entrusts her upbringing to Denji, who becomes her older brother figure. Nayuta plays a recurring role in the Academy Saga.


Nayuta takes on the appearance of a young girl with shoulder-length dark brown hair, featuring a single large bang that partially covers her face. Her eyes, similar to Makima and Yoru, possess yellow irises with red rings. Throughout the Academy Saga, Nayuta grows taller and exhibits a more mature appearance, but still retains her youthful aura. Her hair has lengthened and is styled in a braid, reminiscent of Makima’s fashion. Additionally, she keeps the long bang that covers her left eye from her childhood.


Nayuta embodies the newly incarnated human form of the Control Devil in Chainsaw Man. After her transformation, she assumes the guise of a young Chinese girl with short, dark brown hair, bearing no resemblance to her previous form. However, her yellow and red eyes serve as a connection to Makima. Currently, Denji, known as the Chainsaw Man, acts as Nayuta’s guardian and older brother.

In terms of personality, Nayuta exhibits characteristics typical of a teenager. She displays occasional childish behavior and utilizes her powers for playful mischief. Despite this, she also possesses a caring nature towards Denji and shares some of his mannerisms, such as speech patterns and laughter. Denji describes Nayuta as a “huge problem child with an extreme personality” and acknowledges her intelligence and contemplative nature.

Nayuta is inherently drawn to humans due to her humanoid Devil nature. Like her predecessor, she seems to have an affinity for dogs, as seen through her interactions with Makima’s dogs. However, unlike Makima, Nayuta does not exert control over animals using her abilities. She prioritizes Denji’s well-being and urges him to sever ties with Asa Mitaka, as she perceives any woman in his life as a potential threat. Nayuta has a demanding nature, often making peace signs and insisting on having ice cream daily. Denji describes her as highly intelligent.

Nayuta’s personality differs significantly from Makima’s. Although she refers to Denji as her possession, she genuinely cares for him. Nayuta mirrors Denji’s behavior, having adopted his mannerisms through their shared upbringing. She mimics Denji’s informal speech and laughter while also exhibiting eloquence at times. Initially reserved and direct in her communication, living with Denji has fostered a more outgoing and talkative side. Nayuta possesses a mischievous streak, as evidenced by her manipulation of Yoru’s mind, turning him into a “dog,” and altering her and Asa’s memories. While she shares Makima’s ability to discern scents, she lacks any malicious intent and primarily seeks to safeguard Denji from poor decisions. Her personality reflects that of an individual her apparent age, displaying childlike and argumentative behavior with Denji. Nayuta also exhibits remarkable intelligence, as implied by her potential to pursue higher education.

Nayuta’s Morality and Abilities

Nayuta possesses an amoral personality, shaping her moral compass based on personal preferences. When presented with Fami’s prophecy, foretelling the downfall of humanity and the rise of Devils, Nayuta initially finds it entertaining. However, upon learning that it would result in the loss of modern conveniences like pizza and Chinese food, her opinion swiftly changes. Nayuta’s commitment to her education is evident as she refuses to assist Fami due to her academic responsibilities, prioritizing her own life over helping others.

As the Control Devil, Nayuta wields the same powers as Makima, capable of employing chain linkability. Additionally, she possesses all standard Devil abilities. Her powers include memory alteration, allowing her to erase and implant false memories in both humans and Devils, including Fiends. Nayuta can manipulate someone’s perception of senses, such as taste, primarily targeting Devils. Immortality is a trait shared by all Devils in the Chainsaw Man universe, ensuring Nayuta’s reincarnation even in death unless consumed by Pochita. True to her name, the Control Devil, Nayuta possesses the ability to control minds and manipulate memories. She sustains herself by consuming blood and flesh, enabling rapid healing. Being a Devil, Nayuta can form contracts with humans in exchange for power.

Nayuta, the reincarnation of the Control Devil in Chainsaw Man, presents an intriguing addition to the series. Despite her innocent appearance, her powers and personality reveal a complex character with potential ramifications for our protagonist, Denji. As the story progresses, we can anticipate further revelations regarding Nayuta’s true nature and her role in the Chainsaw Man universe.

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