Chainsaw Man Online: Character Origins – Angel Devil

2 months ago By AI Smith

The Angel Devil, also known as Tenshi no Akuma, is a devil who embodies the fear of angels. Despite his devilish nature, he displays an unexpected lack of hostility towards humans. Let’s explore the appearance, personality, abilities, and history of this intriguing character.

  1. Appearance

The Angel Devil appears as a young male, often dressed in a Public Safety suit. He has shoulder-length red hair with a halo floating above and white wings on his upper back. Notably, he lost both of his arms after the International Assassins arc.

  1. Personality

Unlike most devils, the Angel Devil doesn’t harbor hostility towards humans. Although he claims humans should suffer, he shows a peculiar affection towards them at times, likely due to his part-Angelic nature. He dislikes combat and prefers avoiding it whenever possible. Laziness holds him back from being a strong fighter, and he would rather die than work. Despite his withdrawn nature, he shares a connection with Aki Hayakawa, who isn’t afraid to touch him.

The Angel Devil’s unusual fondness for soft-serve ice cream is noteworthy, although he doesn’t shy away from consuming more unconventional foods, like zombie flesh or the corpse of a fellow devil.

Over time, he evolves from wishing for death to desiring a normal human life. He becomes protective of his partner, Aki, especially when Makima forces Aki into a contract.

  1. History

The Angel Devil’s memories are clouded, but he recalls being part of a coastal village where people accepted him, despite knowing he was a devil. He had a romantic relationship with a young woman in that community. However, everything changed when Makima arrived, and he inadvertently absorbed the lives of everyone in the village.

  1. Abilities

The Angel Devil possesses typical devil abilities, but he has a unique power – the ability to absorb life spans through touch. This power makes him remarkably strong. He can transform the absorbed life spans into weapons, which he summons through his halo.

  1. Physical Prowess

He exhibits enhanced reflexes, capable of blocking bullets with his wings and keeping up with high-speed opponents like Quanxi.

  1. Supernatural Abilities
  • Angelic Wings: He can extend angel-like wings from his back, which act as protective shields against gunfire.
  • Life-Span Absorption: The Angel Devil can drain life-spans from humans through physical contact, leading to their painless death.
  • Life-Span Weapons: He can convert siphoned life-spans into powerful weapons through his halo. However, he hesitates to use this ability frequently due to the haunting nightmares of the people whose life spans he has taken.
  1. Skillset

The Angel Devil demonstrates proficiency in using spears and swords in combat, making him a formidable adversary.


The Angel Devil stands out as an intriguing character among devils due to his unique perspective on humans and his abilities. Despite his reluctance for combat, he remains a significant asset to Tokyo Special Division 4. With his desire for a normal life, he adds depth to the world of devil hunting in this gripping story.

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