How To Equip And Unlock Skins In CS2?

2 days ago By Aaron Whittakar

When you enter the world of Counter-Strike, you will soon realize that the number one way that players love to show off their status is through the cosmetics they own. The flashier, the better. With Counter-Strike 2, players will be able to pick from the various kinds of cosmetics that are available. These include things like stickers, account customizations, weapon skins, and Agents. Most of these things can be obtained through more or less the same methods. Owning pricey or high-value cosmetics in the game is a good indication of your account status. This is why players are always on the lookout to obtain some of the best skins or cosmetic items in the game.

As players are passionate about showing off characters in the game, they are more often on the lookout for the best skins to own. While the best skins on Counter-Strike 2 are the most expensive to buy, this does not mean that they are totally unattainable if you are on a budget. There are other ways to get good CS2 skins. In CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), the Operations game mode was a good way to get skins; however, it has not been added to CS2 yet. So while the developers are working on that, we’ve listed a few ways you can unlock new skins in CS2. Not only this, but we also have a guide to help you equip your cosmetics with the new user interface (UI).

How to Unlock Skins in Counter-Strike 2?

  1. Weekly Care Package

There is a feature in Counter-Strike 2 that gives players at least one new skin each week if they play the game long enough. Each player has an XP rank that is connected to their account. Once each week, players who gain an XP rank will be given a Weekly Care Package as a reward.

The Weekly Care Package contains four items from which players are able to choose only two. Out of the four, three of the items in the Weekly Care Package can be anything from stickers to weapon skins. However, one of the four items is always a Case. In order to open a Case, players need to have a matching key, which can be bought from the Steam Marketplace. For players to afford the best skins in CS2 for free, they will have to earn the Weekly Care Package by increasing their XP rank. They can also use their own money in the Steam Marketplace to buy the key and open the Cases. Currently, on Counter-Strike 2, there is no other way that players can unlock the new skins for free.

  • Steam Marketplace

Aside from the Weekly Care Package, players can obtain skins by interacting in the Steam Community Market and trading. In the Steam Marketplace, players are able to find just about every cosmetic for each item available in the game. However, in order to be able to buy anything, players are required to have sufficient funds in their Steam Wallet. Players are able to collect enough credit on their Steam Account for CS2 items by selling Steam Trading Cards. They can also resell their CS2 skins that won’t be used. So if you have the funds, head to the Steam Marketplace and pick the skin that you want.

How to Equip Skins in Counter-Strike 2?

If you want to know how to equip skins in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) that you have acquired, then just go to the ‘Inventory’ tab at the top of the screen. In the new CS2 layout, players will be able to see the Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist loadout. If you want to swap the side that is currently being customized, all you need to do is click on the opposing team’s model, which is slightly faded.

  1. How to change weapon skins in CS2?

For those who want to change the weapon skin in Counter-Strike 2 here’s what you need to do:

Go to the loadout menu that is in the center of the screen. Click on a slot in the appropriate column of this menu. Scroll to find the weapon skin you want, and then equip it in a slot. For example, if you want to equip a new AWP skin, then you need to click on the bottom cell of the ‘Rifles’ column and scroll to find the skin you want. This skin is listed as a separate entry from the standard version.

  • Customizing other CS2 Cosmetics

Just like how you can equip a weapon skin, you can also do so for other items on CS2. To equip an Agent skin, a knife skin, a soundtrack, a grenade skin, an Account, or Spray, just look for the column next to the Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist model. This is separate from the weapons loadout menu. Then click on each icon to see which items can be equipped in the inventory. Most of the items are not restricted to being equipped, except for Agents.

Now that we’ve listed all the ways you can obtain and equip your skins, we hope you will be able to do so smoothly. Given that Counter-Strike 2 has just been recently released, many of the beloved features that were in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) will still take time to make their way to the new version. Which is why players will have to wait just a little bit longer for the Operations game mode to come to CS2. Once this mode is on CS2, players will be able to obtain new skins without having to spend their CS2 funds. For those who can’t wait, the Steam Marketplace is the best place to find and buy whatever skins you’re looking for.

We hope this article is helpful to those who are on the lookout to upgrade their in-game cosmetics until more features are added to Counter-Strike 2. Once the game has been updated, we’ll be sure to inform players about it. Until then, stay tuned for more news and updates on Counter-Strike and keep reading! 

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