BGIS 2023 Grand Finals Day 2 Schedule, Teams, Match Time And Live Streaming

1 months ago By Ronny Walker

The battleground is set for an exhilarating showdown as the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals enter their second day. The tournament, organized by Krafton India, the creators of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has garnered the attention of gaming enthusiasts nationwide. With the Grand Finals being streamed on India’s prominent OTT platform, JioCinema, it promises to be a thrilling spectacle for fans.

The Schedule:

Day 2 of the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals kicks off with seven captivating matchups, each featuring intense clashes between skilled teams. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

Match 1: Group 1 vs. Group 2: 01:30 PM on Erangel

The action begins with teams from Group 1 and Group 2 battling it out on the iconic battleground of Erangel. Expect fierce engagements and strategic gameplay from these contenders.

Match 2: Group 2 vs. Group 4: 02:15 PM on Miramar

The battleground transitions to Miramar as Group 2 takes on Group 4. The arid desert landscape will witness epic firefights and tactical maneuvers.

Match 3: Group 5 vs. Group 8: 03:00 PM on Sanhok

The lush and vibrant Sanhok map hosts the third match, with Group 5 facing off against Group 8. Sanhok’s dense jungles and unpredictable terrain will add a layer of complexity to the battles.

Match 4: Group 3 vs. Group 7: 03:45 PM on Vikendi

Vikendi, the snow-covered battleground, becomes the arena for Group 3 and Group 7. Expect icy encounters and thrilling shootouts in this unique setting.

Match 5: Group 4 vs. Group 7: 04:30 PM on Sanhok

Sanhok reprises its role as the backdrop for the fifth match as Group 4 goes head-to-head with Group 7. The compact terrain will test the teams’ adaptability and reflexes.

Match 6: Group 1 vs. Group 3: 05:15 PM on Miramar

The penultimate match of the day unfolds on Miramar, featuring Group 1 and Group 3. Expect a blend of long-range engagements and close-quarters combat.

Match 7: Group 3 vs. Group 6: 05:45 PM on Erangel

Day 2 concludes with Group 3 facing off against Group 6 on Erangel. This final match promises to be a fitting climax, with teams vying for supremacy.

The Teams:

The BGIS 2023 Grand Finals boast a lineup of 64 teams, divided into eight groups of eight teams each. Team Growing Strong leads the points table after a spectacular performance on the first day. The competition is fierce, with each team aiming to secure a spot in the coveted Round 3 of BGIS 2023.

The Live Streaming:

Krafton India has partnered with JioCinema to bring the Grand Finals to fans through live streaming. The matches are scheduled to be broadcast from August 17 to 20, with Round 1 of BGIS 2023 set to begin streaming from August 31 onwards. The Grand Finals will continue to enthrall fans from October 12 to 14, with matches streamed from 1 pm to 6 pm as per the schedule.

As the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals Day 2 unfolds, fans can anticipate intense battles, jaw-dropping strategies, and unforgettable moments. With live streaming available, the excitement is bound to reach a global audience, uniting gaming enthusiasts in the spirit of competition and entertainment. Stay tuned for a gaming extravaganza like no other!

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