Ascension Pacific 2023 Live Streaming: How, When & Where To Watch All Matches, Know More

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

The VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific tournament is currently underway, featuring intense competition among the top Valorant teams from the Pacific region. With the promise of securing a slot in the prestigious VCT 2024 and VCT 2025 Pacific League, the stakes are high for these talented players. 

In this article, we will provide all the details you need to know about the VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific tournament, including the participating teams, schedule, results, and where to watch the matches live.

VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific: Tournament Details

The VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific tournament is being held in Bangkok, Thailand, at two venues: Pullman Grande Sukhumvit Hotel and Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. The Group Stage is taking place at the luxurious Pullman Grande Sukhumvit Hotel, while the Playoffs will be held at the spacious Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, which can accommodate up to 3500 seats.

VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific: Participating Teams

Ten teams have secured their spots in the tournament as the winners from each of the ten sub-regions. They are:

  • Orangutan (South Asia)
  • XERXIA (Thailand)
  • Fancy United Esports (Vietnam)
  • Bleed Esports (MY & SG)
  • Dplus (Korea)
  • SCARZ (Japan)
  • ONE Team (HK & Vietnam)
  • NAOS Esports (Philippines)
  • BOOM Esports (Indonesia)
  • Bonkers (Oceania)

VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific: Schedule and Results

The tournament consists of two stages: the Group Stage and the Playoffs.

  • Group Stage: June 28th to July 4th
  • Playoffs: July 7th to July 9th

The Group Stage is a single round-robin format, with all matches being played as best-of-three series. The top three teams from each group will advance to the Playoffs. The Playoffs stage follows a single-elimination bracket, culminating in a best-of-five grand final.

For the complete schedule, please refer to the table below.

Group Stage

Day 1 – 28th June

MatchTime (ET)Time (GMT)Time (IST)GroupMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
XIA vs ONE4:009:0011:30AlphaAscentHavenBindXERXIA
NAOS vs FCY7:0012:0014:30AlphaFracturePearlAscentNAOS Esports
SZ vs BONK10:0015:0017:30OmegaBindFractureLotusSCARZ

Day 2 – 29th June

MatchTime (ET)Time (GMT)Time (IST)GroupMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
BLD vs OGS4:009:0011:30OmegaPearlBindFractureBleed Esports
ONE vs BME7:0012:0014:30AlphaSplitAscentBindONE Team
FCY vs XIA10:0015:0017:30AlphaFractureSplitAscentFancy United

Day 3 – 30th June

MatchTime (ET)Time (GMT)Time (IST)GroupMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
BONK vs DK4:009:0011:30OmegaFractureBindLotusBonkers
OGS vs SZ7:0012:0014:30OmegaAscentFracturePearlSCARZ
BME vs FCY10:0015:0017:30AlphaAscentHavenPearlBOOM Esports

Day 4 – 1st July

MatchTime (ET)Time (GMT)Time (IST)GroupMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
XIA vs NAOS4:009:0011:30AlphaBindLotusAscentXERXIA
SZ vs BLD7:0012:0014:30OmegaFracturePearlLotusBleed Esports
DK vs OGS10:0015:0017:30OmegaBindHavenAscentDplus

Day 5 – 2nd July

MatchTime (ET)Time (GMT)Time (IST)GroupMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
FCY vs ONE4:009:0011:30AlphaSplitAscentHavenFancy United
NAOS vs BME7:0012:0014:30AlphaAscentPearlBindNAOS Esports
DK vs BLD10:0015:0017:30OmegaFractureLotusBindDplus

Day 6 – 3rd July

MatchTime (ET)Time (GMT)Time (IST)GroupMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
ONE vs NAOS4:009:0011:30AlphaAscentSplitBindNAOS Esports
OGS vs BONK7:0012:0014:30OmegaPearlHavenSplitBonkers
BME vs XIA10:0015:0017:30AlphaLotusSplitAscentBOOM Esports

Day 7 – 4th July

MatchTime (ET)Time (GMT)Time (IST)GroupMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
BONK vs BLD4:009:0011:30OmegaLotusPearlHavenBleed Esports
DK vs SZ7:0012:0014:30OmegaHavenSplitFractureSCARZ


Day 1 – 7th July

MatchTime (ET)Time (GMT)Time (IST)StageMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
SZ vs FCY7:0012:0014:30QuarterfinalsSplit (13-9)Bind (17-15)AscentSCARZ
BME vs BONK10:0015:0017:30QuarterfinalsHaven (13-6)Pearl (13-11)LotusBOOM Esports

Day 2 – 8th July

MatchTime (ET)Time (GMT)Time (IST)StageMap 1Map 2Map 3Winner
NAOS vs SZ7:0012:0014:30SemifinalsPearl (11-13)Ascent (13-11)FractureSCARZ (2-1)
BLD vs BME10:0015:0017:30SemifinalsLotus (12-14)Pearl (13-10)Haven (13-10)Bleed Esports (2-1)

Day 3 – 9th July – Grand Final 

MatchTime (ET)Time (GMT)Time (IST)StageMap 1Map 2Map 3Map 4Map 5Result
SZ vs BLD7:0012:0014:30Grand Final

VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific: Overall Results 

Group A – Overall Results

PositionTeamWin-LossMaps (W-L)Rounds (W-L)Round Diff
1NAOS Esports3-17-4129-11316
2BOOM Esports2-26-5119-1109
3Fancy United2-25-494-913
5ONE Team1-33-7104-117-13

Group B – Overall Results

PositionTeamWin-LossMaps (W-L)Rounds (W-L)Round Diff
2Bleed Esports3-16-4124-10816

VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific: Where to Watch

Fans can catch all the live action of the VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific tournament on various streaming platforms. The official Valorant Pacific Twitch and YouTube channels will provide the English broadcast. 

Additionally, regional broadcasts in languages such as Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, South Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Filipino, and Indonesian will be available on their respective platforms.

Fans can also look forward to co-streams in various languages by popular players, streamers, and content creators, providing additional perspectives and commentary.

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