Apeks vs Gentle Mates – VCT Live Streaming EMEA Grand Finals 2023: How, When & Where to Watch in Free on All Platforms

10 months ago By AI Smith

The highly anticipated VCT Live Streaming EMEA Grand Finals for 2023 are just around the corner, featuring an electrifying clash between Apeks and Gentle Mates. 

These two teams have fought their way through intense competition in the VCT Ascension event, showcasing their skills and determination to secure a spot in the prestigious VCT EMEA League. 

In this article, we will provide you with all the details on how, when, and where you can watch this epic showdown on various platforms, completely free of charge.

Apeks vs Gentle Mates: The Journey So Far

A total of 10 teams initially entered the VCT Ascension event, starting with the Group Stage. After an intense battle, only four teams emerged victorious and advanced to the Playoffs. Among them, Apeks and Gentle Mates proved to be the strongest, earning their rightful place in the Grand Finals.

In the Lower Finals, Gentle Mates faced off against Acend in a thrilling Bo5 series. Gentle Mates showcased their dominance by securing a convincing 13-4 victory on the first map, Fracture. The intensity continued on the second map, Split, which resulted in an overtime thriller, eventually won by Gentle Mates with a scoreline of 19-17. The team then sealed their victory by winning the third map, Lotus, concluding the series with a commanding 3-0 scoreline.

Apeks vs Gentle Mates – The Ultimate Showdown:

Apeks entered the Ascension event as the favorites, finishing first in both Split 1 and Split 2 of their Challengers League. They have continued their dominant form in the Ascension event, losing only two maps in six matches.

Gentle Mates have shown their strength by winning both Split 1 and Split 2 in their Challengers League. They finished second in their Group, right behind Apeks, and have only suffered two defeats in the event so far.

Apeks vs Gentle Mates – Head-to-Head Clash:

These two teams faced each other before in the Group Stage of the EMEA Ascension, where Apeks emerged victorious with a 2-0 scoreline in a Bo3 series. However, Gentle Mates have steadily improved throughout the tournament and exacted revenge against Acend in the Lower Finals.

Potential Lineups:


  • Enzo “Enzo” Mestari (IGL)
  • Georgio “Keiko” Sanassy
  • Martin “Magnum” Peňkov
  • James “Mistic” Orfila
  • Tobias “ShadoW” Flodström
  • Dimitar “Itopia” Staev (Head Coach)

Gentle Mates:

  • Beyazıt “beyAz” Körpe
  • Logan “logaN” Corti
  • Nathan “nataNk” Bocqueho
  • Jonathan “TakaS” Paupard
  • Wailers “Wailers” Locart
  • Kévin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans (Head Coach)

Apeks vs Gentle Mates: How, When & Where to Watch?

Fans can catch all the action of the Apeks vs Gentle Mates Grand Finals on multiple platforms, completely free of charge. Here are the details:

YouTube and Twitch: The official channels of VCT EMEA will livestream the match, providing a front-row seat to witness the intense gameplay, thrilling strategies, and clutch moments.

Watch Parties: Join watch parties hosted by popular streamers and professional players to enjoy the Grand Finals alongside a vibrant community of Valorant enthusiasts.

Apeks vs Gentle Mates: Date and Time

The Apeks vs Gentle Mates Grand Finals will take place on July 16th at 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 8:30 pm IST. Make sure to mark your calendars and set your alarms to catch this epic clash between two powerhouse teams.

The VCT Live Streaming EMEA Grand Finals 2023 between Apeks and Gentle Mates is set to be an exhilarating showcase of skill, strategy, and teamwork. As these two teams battle it out for a coveted spot in the VCT EMEA League, fans can enjoy the intense action on various platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and watch parties. 

Don’t miss the chance to witness the culmination of the Ascension event and experience the excitement of high-level Valorant gameplay. Get ready to cheer for your favorite team as Apeks and Gentle Mates vie for victory in this epic Grand Finals encounter.

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