Anime Series: 10 Most Spectacular Figures In the Show

1 months ago By Ronny Walker

Have you ever wondered what the most spectacular anime figures can be? Anime has enjoyed great popularity over the years across all over the world. Before, it was fashionable to watch series like One Piece or Dragon Ball, among others, and over the years we have seen how the Japanese anime market has expanded throughout the world, offering us great stories to watch on our screens.

And not only that since anime has crossed that digital border and in some cases we have seen how our favourite stories have materialized into reality in the form of figures and merchandising. In this article, we will review the 10 most spectacular anime figures in history.

There are many collectable figures on the market, but of course, there are some that are unique, not only because of what they represent but also because of their quality and price. In the case of Saint Seiya Myth Cloth from Knights of the Zodiac, we are talking about an exclusive figure created by Bandai Namco in 2013 for the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the line of these products. The statue is unique on the market and is only displayed at special Bandai events so don’t expect to have it on your shelf. In addition, its price is neither more nor less than €600K.

Son Goku Super Saiyan 3 from Dragon Ball

One of the most recent figures in the Dragon Ball saga and that has unleashed shocking sensations, has been Son Goku Super Saiyan 3. The figure is made at a 1/4 scale and measures 44.5 cm high, 50 cm wide and 40 cm deep. In addition, we can change its head to transform it into Son Goku Super Saiyan 2. One of the essential figures if you are a fan of the renowned Dragon Ball.

Itachi Uchiha Opera Series from Naruto

TriEagles Studio has made within its Opera Series line, a new and impressive 1/6 scale figure of one of the most emblematic characters of Naruto. We are talking about Itachi Uchiha, who has become one of the most desired collectable figures for anime fans. The Akatsuki member can decorate your living room or room immediately. The figure is 38 cm tall.

Denji Demon Chainsaw Man

Within the Alpha Satellite and Shibuya Scramble Figure line, we have one of the most anticipated figures of recent years. Chainsaw Man has taken a huge hit in the world of anime around the globe. That is why we can get hold of the 1/7 scale figure dedicated to our favourite protagonist Denji, transformed into the Chainsaw Demon. The figure has a height of 28.1 cm and is currently one of the most valued.

Megahouse has made one of the most requested One Piece figures of recent times. We’re talking about Zoro, our most famous green-haired character in the One Piece cast. The design stands out for its beauty and originality, as well as being 23 cm tall. His painting technique is very special and the details are polished to perfection. The price of the figure is around €200.

Mikasa Kitsune Statue from Shingeki no Kyojin

Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan for many has her figure that stands out above all the others. Although Shingeki’s cast of characters has several versions in collectable figure format, this version of Mikasa takes the gold crown. With the Kitsune version, we can see one of the best anime protagonists at her peak. Would you get her?

Death Note – Light and Ryuk Diorama

This Death Note figure has had a tremendous impact on the industry, and it is that Light and Ryuk pose perfectly in an essential figure if you consider yourself a true fan of Death Note and everything it represents. The measurements of the figure are 49 cm high, 29 cm wide and 28 cm deep. Would you take a bite of the apple?

Goku “Samurai” from Dragon Ball

Goku ‘Samurai’ is one of the most special and unique representations that we have seen to date within the Dragon Ball collectable figures. The design and development of the same has been in charge of the company Blue Sky Studios. We can find it in two different sizes and different prices. We have the 1/4 scale (81x42x46 cms) and the 1/6 scale (54x28x31 cms), which leaves us with the following prices:

1/6 scale figure: $365.

1/4 scale figure: $515.

We also have three different heads and a hand to customize the figure according to our tastes and what we want to see.

Seto Kaiba – Yu Gi Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

A figure straight out of the movie Yu Gi Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. MegaHouse has brought us this with the figure dedicated to Seto Kaiba as he summons two dragons: The Blue-Eyes White Dragon and the partner the Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon. The measurements of the collectable figure go through 41 cm high (to the tip of the wings) and 55 cm wide.

Guts Berserk Armor

To close the list we cannot leave without leaving a nod to Miura and his work Berserk. That is why the Guts Berserk Armour is one of the most sought-after, loved and sought-after figures by fans in the world of anime. A unique figure where there are and that fills us with a feeling of nostalgia. Guts is shown as the Black Swordsman with his massive sword sitting on top of a bunch of his defeated enemies.

Berserk’s rage and essence blind Guts and all those who seek it. She also comes with two sets of heads, one with a full helmet and the other that shows part of our protagonist’s face. In addition, we also have two sets of extra arms for customization. The dimensions of the figure are impressive, occupying neither more nor less than 95cm in height.

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